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  • Vodafone Partnership
    Vodafone Partnership Vodafone Partnership

    “It takes two strong partners working together to provide new business models and services in the Internet of Things.”

    Dr. Heinz Derenbach, Chairman of the Executive Board of Bosch Software Innovations

  • Partnership with University of St. Gallen
    Partnership with University of St. Gallen University of St. Gallen

    An innovation lab for business models for the Internet of Things: a cooperation between Bosch and the University of St. Gallen

  • eMobility reference project
    eMobility reference project eMobility project

    Reference project: eMobility platform in Singapore

Bosch and Vodafone as partners

with Dr. Heinz Derenbach

Introduction to the Bosch Internet of Things lab

Good reasons for a cooperation within the Internet of Things

with Dr. Elgar Fleisch

The Internet of Things is now!

Bosch ConnectedWorld Blog

Join in the discussion!

The Internet of Things connects market participants and sectors that previously had no business dealings with one another. This generates new products and services, which in turn also leads to the creation of new business models. In this context, companies must get used to the idea of cooperating at a »virtual table«. Web-based platforms will create the basis for partners to extend or supplement what they offer in completely new ways. The new forms of cooperation these companies enter into breaks away from conventional ideas about business being divided up into sectors. A new ecosystem is created.

Bosch Software Innovations sees itself not only as a service provider that can offer technical solutions in this new environment, but also as a development consultant for new business models. After all, not everything that is feasible is also truly useful, and many useful ideas require being particularly mindful of issues such as fault tolerance, security, and privacy.

Bosch Software Innovations has taken a seat at the »virtual table« - read more about selected success stories:


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