Business Rules Management with Visual Rules –
Intuitive, flexible, efficient

  • BRM at Team Bank AG
  • BRM at Suzuki International
  • BRM at DHL Global Mail

With Visual Rules, Bosch Software Innovations offers you one of the market-leading Business Rules Management software systems, which is characterized by an intuitive graphical approach. This makes it very popular both with IT and specialized departments that use it.

Business departments will be able to manage their business rules themselves so they can automate a huge number of operational decisions – without any programming knowledge. The software is seamlessly integrated in existing IT infrastructure and meshes with the existing application for robust services that are available enterprise-wide. Existing resources are put to good use - and data, applications, and processes are transparently integrated, even in substantially heterogeneous IT landscapes.

The model-based approach takes everyone into account and measurably shortens the time it takes to develop and implement new versions of existing rules. Visual Rules provides comprehensive support to companies that need to define and build up user roles and how they interact, ensuring that the rules and roles comply with policies and that any changes made to them are documented in an audit-proof manner.

  • Business Rules Management

    The efficient Visual Rules tools and custom-tailored platforms form the basis for flexible and agile enterprise software applications in the Internet of Things and Services. They allow you to swiftly adapt the business logic to new market developments, regulations and strategic decisions.

  • Typical Applications

    The Visual Rules tools and platforms are designed to efficiently perform many tasks in the software development process – even without any programming:

    Modeling / Optimization

    The Visual Rules modeling tools help you to implement and maintain business rules within software applications by creating, testing, and changing them in a graphical way.

    Administration / Deployment

    The Visual Rules Team Platform serves as a central collaboration platform and greatly simplifies how to organize, recycle and keep track of rules as they are updated to new versions: it provides repositories for rule version control and a complete change history as well as synchronization mechanisms to facilitate cooperation between teams spread throughout a company.

    Using the integrated build server, rule models can be built into executable software components, tested, tagged and finally distributed to the execution environments.

    Execution / Monitoring

    The business rules created using Visual Rules can be integrated and executed directly in Java applications – including on mobile devices – without a central server component. The business logic can also be used by applications in diverse IT infrastructures: Visual Rules Execution Platform provides a central environment for deploying and executing business rules as web services.

    With Visual Rules Batch Platform, you can also apply rules to mass data in the form of batch jobs. Moreover, the platform has full clustering functionality and gives you the option of defining, executing and managing batch jobs using rules, while also recycling the business rules of interactive scenarios.


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