Predictive maintenance with the service portal

The intelligent way to maximize machine availability.

Predictive Maintenance and IoT

Insights from Steve Hilton, Lead Analyst at Analysys Mason

Every day, maintenance planners face the challenge of ensuring maximum machine availability at the same time as keeping the amount of materials consumed by maintenance and repairs to a minimum – a demand that existing maintenance concepts are usually unable to satisfy.

Our predictive maintenance solution opens up innovative new possibilities for companies. Data from sensors monitoring machine condition is automatically reviewed to pick up any patterns that indicate a possible fault. This allows the onset of a stoppage to be recognized early and corrective measures to be planned and introduced in the most effective way. It also means unplanned downtimes can be avoided and both staff and resources can be employed more effectively. Our learning system uses information on past problems to predict future events.

The predictive maintenance solution is built on our Bosch Software Innovations Suite. The suite allows an efficient implementation in the manufacturing area. Comprising our core products Business Process Management (BPM), Business Rules Management (BRM) and Device Management (M2M), our software suite helps you to successfully realize projects as well as optimize existing processes.


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