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Connected Agriculture Platform

Connected agriculture solutions

Bosch Software Innovations is here to help you bring even more efficiency and quality to your agricultural products and solutions.
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The foundation for fast and secure provision of your solution in a connected agricultural landscape

Agriculture and agricultural engineering face various challenges, not least the fierce economic competition that demands greater operational and cost efficiency. Then there are global trends, such as the digitalization of processes and markets, and the population boom that is driving the demand for food. Against this backdrop, we want our production processes to be sustainable and our food cultivated in environmentally compatible ways.

Modern technologies such as connected services unite productivity and sustainability, and offer enormous potential for adding value.

Bosch offers a wide array of sustainable, resource-conserving, and efficient solutions for use in agriculture, all of which are based on the Connected Agriculture Platform provided by Bosch Software Innovations.

The Connected Agriculture Platform provides tried and true technological elements from ready-to-use services tailored to your requirements in connected agriculture. In this way, we can quickly and securely develop your agricultural solution and scale it later as needed.

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“The Connected Agriculture Platform reduces the time it takes to devise innovative solutions that will enable us to shape the future of agriculture.”
Dr. Amos Albert, Deepfield Robotics

Services based on our Connected Agriculture Platform

Connected Agriculture Platform | Bosch Software Innovations Icon lens

We help you in implementing your connected agriculture solution, drawing on our experience in the agricultural sector, on our sensor and cloud specialists, and on our ready-to-use, agriculture-specific services:

Farm Service
Management of IoT field data as well as connected tools, machines, and sensors.

Agriculture Business Service
Integration of agriculture KPIs; comes with analytics function as well as management and configuration of settings (e.g. temperature boundary values, types of soil, fertilizer, cultivar).

User Service
Management of users and passwords (via IoT Permission Service).

Notification Service
Connection and management of common notification platforms including Apple and Google together with business logic and mobile clients, SMS and e-mail send options (provision and interpretation of notification content).

Geo-information Service
Decoding of sensor GPS information, anonymization of location data, geographic boundary monitoring, and calculation of geo data.

Partner Integration
Connection of various services from third-party providers, including weather information, farm, and order management systems.

Systematic Field Data Explorer
Processing of data from any vehicle make and model, access to vehicle data in near real time, and benefitting from a clear visualization via standard and user-defined online dashboards
Find out more about the Systematic Field Data Explorer

Billing Service
Available starting in 2018

Find out more about the Bosch IoT Suite
“The clarity of the machine data in the dashboard enables our customer service to quickly identify the relevant data.”
Dr.-Ing Michael Gallmeier, HOLMER Maschinenbau

Bosch Agriculture Platform: Examples of various agricultural applications

The Connected Agriculture Platform as a foundation for connected machine services
Connect your agricultural machinery using Bosch sensors. Use the Systematic Field Data Explorer to process your machine data and learn how your machinery is being utilized so as to implement new and even better services. Connect your machines with farm management systems and offer solutions for remote diagnostics and maintenance.

Using the Connected Agriculture Platform in plant cultivation and animal husbandry
Monitoring solutions help farmers make decisions as to how to manage their fields and greenhouses. Sensors monitor parameters such as temperature or air and soil humidity – and this information can be used to make appropriate adjustments to irrigation, fleece management, and spray dosing. You can also use IoT solutions to monitor your animals’ behavior and ensure they are healthy.

Other applications include:

  • Tracking of tools and material (to protect against theft, for instance) using geographical information
  • Seamless monitoring and documentation of the supply chain, for instance in the case of refrigerated products or high-priced goods

“We want to explore new avenues with Bosch and combine different technologies that enable herbicides to be applied only where they are really needed.”
Tobias Menne, Bayer

The benefits of working with Bosch

Domain and software expertise
Bosch has pooled its agriculture expertise into areas that include research, software, and algorithms, powertrains, and hydraulics. Its experts are there to advise you and help meet your individual needs.

Bosch’s 3 S’s
Bosch will supply you with the full package of sensors, software, and services – all individually tailored to your requirements.

Stringent security
Our Bosch infrastructure, our ethical standards, and our IoT principles guarantee you the best possible security for your solution. All our solutions comply with EU data protection regulations.