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Use Bosch Software Innovations' Enterprise Cloud Bridge to enrich you local BPM software with cloud-data
Enterprise Cloud Bridge

Use our softwarebridge to enrich local BPM with cloud data

Are you looking for a secure way to optimize your local processes with cloud data? Then we have a simple solution for you.
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Profit from cloud data in local processes

The opportunities presented by digital transformation require that companies are constantly adapting to new and changing business models. Retaining the competitive edge in today´s highly dynamic environments means that companies have to permanently make their processes faster, more flexible, and more cost-effective.

One practical way to make processes more competitive is to optimize them using cloud data. However, such solutions frequently require restructuring established IT systems.

To help customers avoid that kind of investment, we have developed an Enterprise Cloud Bridge that builds on your existing BPM software. As a result, you retain sovereignty over your data while still being able to benefit from additional cloud information. You can initiate your processes – such as goods transport or your warehouse logistics – as usual, but then adapt them depending on traffic or weather conditions.

How we build a bridge between a local BPM software and a cloud

Use the Enterprise Cloud Bridge to enrich your local BPM software with cloud data. Icon lens

We enable you to build this bridge between your existing systems and the cloud by installing our BPM software in your IT environment. inubit BPM brings together all your systems, automates your processes upon request, and serves as your connection to the cloud. The software works even in complex IT landscapes with several different databases and can enrich them with external data.

You will also receive our WarpWorks interface, an open source solution that we install in a cloud environment such as Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud Platform. By combining this with Apigee, a technical interface to third-party systems, you have the flexibility to choose where you want to get your information.

inubit BPM