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Bosch Software Innovations
Software Innovations · BPM & BRM Software
With inubit BPM and Visual Rules HanseMerkur could optimize their processes.
Bosch Software Innovations | BPM & BRM

Application scenarios for inubit BPM and Visual Rules

Optimizing business processes in practice

Tailored software solutions for your business processes

Many companies compete in dynamic industries and must be able to respond flexibly to external factors. But a one-size-fits-all solution rarely exists.

Reliable service

We have amassed a lot of experience in recent years by working closely with companies in different industries. We will gladly share our expertise with you.

Customized license offer

We will tailor our solution to your needs. Nobody knows better than you the scope of support that you require. Upon request, we can customize our solutions to your specifications.

Flexible software solutions

Thanks to various connectors, we can easily integrate our solutions into your IT landscapes and connect third-party systems.

Every industry has its own unique standards

We offer industry-specific solutions that we tailor to your needs.

500+ happy customers

No two customers are the same. We work closely with each customer to find a suitable solution for every requirements profile.

“Using inubit BPM and Visual Rules to implement processes saves us a lot of time. We have reduced average process times by 45 minutes.”
Gerd Müller, Fiducia & GAD IT AG