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Quick results - industry solutions with inubit BPM and Visual Rules

Process management for retailers


The speedy, barrier-free exchange of information between companies is an important factor in optimizing process management for retailers. This is where automated, fully compatible electronic data interchange (EDI) processes can play an important role.

The solutions we have developed recognize the potential of EDI as a means of supporting process management at all stages of the value chain, from dealings with (preferred) suppliers, to optimization of transport, branch operations, and processes.

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BiPRO-compatible process management for insurance companies


Efficient, automated processes are the key to business success in fast-moving markets such as the insurance sector.

BiPRO has emerged as the de facto standard for secure data transmission between insurance providers, brokers and other service partners. The Bosch BiPRO server is an out-of-the-box solution designed to help you implement BiPRO-compatible data communication processes.

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Market communication and process automation for the digitized energy industry


The energy industry is in a period of profound change. Decentralization and digitalization call for new processes, new business models, and ultimately new IT solutions that can be flexibly integrated into existing IT landscapes.

These new solutions include our Market Process Manager. Based on inubit BPM, this supports the various processes, scheduling requirements, and data formats necessary for compliance with statutory market communications and provides a common interface between an energy provider’s internal IT systems and external market players.

For internal processes, we are implementing inubit BPM with the focus on process automation. This has led to the development of our Rollout Process Manager (RPM), Metering Data Hub (MDH), and Meter Gateway Manager (MGM), all of which enable the complex orchestration of processes and partial processes.

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