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Process management for retailers

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Connect your suppliers with our EDI software

We provide our customers with software solutions that optimize their management of processes throughout the value chain. Icon lens
Process management solutions for retailers

The fast and straightforward sharing of information between companies is a key requirement for ideal process management in retail.

One cost-effective solution to this challenge is electronic data interchange (EDI), which allows you to automatically handle orders, shipping notifications, invoices, and other processes with no media incompatibilities.

Having recognized this benefit, we developed software solutions that help you to

  • connect suppliers
  • optimize transport
  • manage each retail store more efficiently
  • improve your management of processes

Visual Rules inubit BPM

Connect your suppliers with our EDI software

Our software solution makes it easier for retailers to connect suppliers. Icon lens
Automated processes for connecting suppliers

When you connect your suppliers, you create many opportunities for automating your processes and reducing your costs. EDI is therefore one of our most popular solutions. We can implement our software based entirely on processes and rules in your IT environment. As a result, you can convert messages, check rules, and integrate existing applications.

It’s not a problem if your suppliers don’t want to set up their own EDI infrastructure. Your partners and suppliers can interchange data online by using our cost-effective WebEDI solution.

In addition, you can use our supplier portal to involve external partners or in-house expert users in your processes. In turn, you can optimize the interchange of messages and documents as well as more efficiently manage checking and approval processes – to name just a few examples.

You can rely on Visual Rules, our BRM software, to simplify cooperation with suppliers and the optimization of your conditions of purchase. Visual Rules also lets you design different types of price or discount lists. Moreover, your specialists need no programming skills to handle price models, customer and logistics structures, scoring, and supplier evaluations with ease.

Visual Rules inubit BPM

Track your products to assure their quality

Retailers use our software solution to simplify logistics processes. Icon lens
Optimize logistics processes

Your merchandise and transport equipment are valuable – we want to help you optimize transport and ensure that product quality does not suffer en route.

For instance, many goods must remain refrigerated during transport. That is why we developed application-specific solutions that aid you in ensuring product quality. These can handle the following functions for you:

  • Detection of in-transit events that affect quality – such as a change in temperature, humidity, or motion
  • Tracking and tracing of freight and payload
  • Customer-specific alerts that, for example, trigger additional quality checks
  • Documentation of quality-related data for recourse claims
  • Analytics (increased transparency of risks regarding products, routes, and suppliers; root cause analysis for exceptions)
  • Assistance in managing reusable goods

It is also important to optimize transport so that items do not disappear – or are written off as losses for no reason. We therefore fully integrated our shipment-tracking solution into the process chain for maximum efficiency.


Optimize the design and capacity utilization of your retail stores

Our software solution helps customers optimize their retail processes. Icon lens
Process management in retail stores

As indoor geolocation is a diverse field, we use various technologies.

You can use heat maps to closely monitor customer behavior and sales in your retail locations:

  • How many customers are in line?
  • How many customers are in a given store?
  • Which routes do customers tend to take within your store?
  • Which products do customers take a close look at?
  • How much time do customers spend in retail stores?
  • How much revenue does a given retail store generate (conversion tracking)?

You can also let rule-based software agents automatically detect out-of-stock products and order more. This automated approach helps you respond faster for fewer missed sales opportunities.

You can optimize your product inventory and more with another of our solutions: Asset Tracking will monitor the location of your merchandise and transactions. An integral part of the primary inventory control system, our mobile application for inventory helps maximize your performance – online and offline.

Optimize your process management with the right software

Our software solution simplifies process management for our customers. Icon lens
Solutions for optimized process management.

Business processes are the key to a company’s success, particularly in dynamic markets such as retail. With our powerful inubit BPM software, you can make your business processes and IT systems more agile – and your core processes more efficient.

Visual Rules, our software for business rules, ensures that you can respond quickly and flexibly – even in a constantly evolving market. Our software solutions also make it easier to exchange data internally and externally. Last but not least, they allow for professional, technological monitoring of your processes.

Visual Rules inubit BPM

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Our customers use our retail solutions to optimize their management of processes.