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Award-winning master data maintenance based on our BPM software

EDEKA Minden-Hannover uses inubit BPM to automate its master data maintenance
Case study on BPM software in the retail industry

Requirements: time reduction for maintenance of master data for the product range

Frequent changes to the product range used to require a lot of time and effort for the manual maintenance of master data. This time had to be reduced:

  • Automatic retrieval of article master data from the central master data pool
  • Partial outsourcing of data entry to suppliers via a web portal
  • Direct input validation as well as automatic updating in the SAP system

Solution: modeling of the automated maintenance of master data with our BPM software

The inubit BPM software was chosen as the technological basis because of its impressive modeling and technical implementation:

  • ACTUAL process analysis, documentation and subsequent creation of an optimized TARGET process in BPMN
  • Configurative and non-invasive integration of third-party systems using system connectors, SAP connection via
  • BAPI interfaces, use of web service interfaces of the external data provider Sinfos/SA2
  • Connection of employees involved in the process via a web-based portal
  • Comprehensive real-time reporting options, provision of aggregated reports in the form of graphic diagrams, process-oriented reporting via the Process Monitor

Results: time reduction thanks to a cross-deparmental data transfer without media discontinuity

Our BPM software replaces entry in several Excel documents and manual transfer to SAP with a cross-departmental data transfer without media discontinuity:

  • Time required for entering new articles cut by half
  • Stronger focus on data quality assurance
  • Paperless communication saves about 300,000 pages of paper

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About EDEKA Minden-Hannover

EDEKA Minden-Hannover

With a turnover of 6.4 billion Euro in 2009, 29,500 employees and about 1,590 retail locations, EDEKA Minden-Hannover is the largest regional EDEKA trading company. Its market extends from the Dutch border to the Polish border with a focus on Lower Saxony, Saxony Anhalt and Berlin-Brandenburg.

Together, Bosch Software Innovations GmbH and EDEKA Minden-Hannover won the Process Solution Award 2009 with the project for automatic entry of new articles. This award honors particularly innovative and exemplary BPM projects.

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