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Transparent report management based on our BPM software at McDonald's

inubit BPM allows to increase the transparency of the reporting process and makes the ensuing clarification process more effective
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„Since inubit BPM was introduced, we’ve hardly ever come up against a process requirement from the departments that we’ve not been able to fulfill.“
Dieter Opitz, Manager Development, McDonald's

Requirements: transparent operational structures and processing methods

Each year, between 1,500 and 1,600 real estate and construction-related incidents are registered by the almost 1,480 restaurants in Germany, which averages out to 1.5 reported incidents per restaurant. Since 80 percent of McDonald’s restaurants are operated by licensees, with McDonald’s owning the property in most cases, incidents of reported damage often lead to discussions as to who must carry the cost. However, until 2011 a transparent operational structure and processing method was lacking.
The objective was to create a communication platform for all restaurant operators that would eventually offer the following:

  • Standardized, easy to use, and transparent system for licensees and company-owned restaurants
  • Control function
  • Traceability

Solution: implementing inubit BPM software

Experience shows that it is much more efficient to take a straightforward approach in the early stages and incorporate deeper insights as the project progresses on an iterative basis. This method is better than trying to account for and model all eventualities in advance.
Prerequisites for ensuring the speedy and successful implementation of the project included:

  • Short time to market thanks to the KISS principle (Keep It Short and Simple)
  • Ease of integrating BPM software in order to avoid silo solutions
  • Use of master data from the in-house ERP system
  • Precise mapping of business processes thanks to cooperation between IT team and department
  • Dynamic modeling to accelerate and complete process data

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Results: dynamic modeling methods and fast time to market

Introducing the ODST based on inubit BPM software allowed McDonald’s Deutschland to achieve a very fast time to market. Meanwhile, the company’s modeling methods are becoming increasingly dynamic.
Including the department in the modeling process is also an absolute win-win because “to a certain extent, we have very strict rules that are set, for example, by external auditors or the American parent company. The departments must be able to rely on receiving what they have ordered in the form of a product,” says Dieter Opitz.
Since the BPM software based ODST now operates with very complicated sets of rules, McDonald’s is currently contemplating whether to develop a rule set or definition of the rules in conjunction with Bosch Software Innovations for one of the upcoming projects. Here, too, fast implementation is guaranteed, thanks to integrated connectors to the Visual Rules BRM software solution.

Visual Rules inubit BPM

About McDonald's Deutschland

inubit BPM allowed the fast-food retailer to increase the transparency of the reporting process.

McDonald’s is one of the world’s most famous brands. With almost 1,480 restaurants in Germany, the company leads its market in the German gastronomy sector. McDonald’s and its 240 franchisees employ a combined staff of around 60,000. Over 85 percent of McDonald’s restaurants in Germany are run by self-employed businessmen and -women who act as brand ambassadors in their local region. The first German McDonald’s restaurant opened on December 4, 1971 in Martin-Luther-Strasse in Munich.

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