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Bosch Software Innovations
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Bosch Software Innovations

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Smart logistics testbed: Leveraging track-and-trace for smart logistics solutions on a global scale

Smart logistics testbed

Bosch Software Innovations supports companies that manage and continuously optimize their outbound logistics processes, strategic transshipment points, and procurement logistics – and now seek to push the boundaries of existing track-and-trace solutions. Together with our partners, we have created a testbed to enhance smart logistics solutions.

Learn more about the smart logistics testbed

inubit BPM: release 7.3 available now

inubit BPM 7.3 features

The new release of our BPM software inubit BPM brings many new features that make it even easier to model and optimize your processes.
The Workbench of our BPM software offers now a global search which allows you to search across diagramms, modules, repositories, and variables. In addition it's possible to add modules to a list of favorites to make it easier to find them again and use them in new workflows.
Inubit BPM 7.3 also offers additional enhancements, such as support of new signature and encryption algorithms in AS2 and S/MIME connector. This will allow you to manage your business processes with the latest security standards.

Release news

Visual Rules: relase 7.1 available now

Visual Rules 7.1 Features

Our BRM software Visual Rules 7.1 brings additional enhancements to the new Execution Platform. You can now browse your deployed rules in the Execution Server using the new Web Viewer. Additional option for installing and operating Visual Rules have been added in release 7.1. Among others Visual Rules Modeler is now supported on Linux and the Execution Server come with a recipe to be deployed on Amazon Web Services.

Release news

Bosch Software Innovations receives “Top User” seal from BiPRO

Bosch Software Innovations Anwender

BiPRO e.V., the German organization for insurance standards, has awarded the Bosch BiPRO Server its “Top User” seal. This makes Bosch Software Innovations one of the selected few companies to realize a minimum of five partner integrations based on BiPRO insurance standards.

For insurance companies, a needs-based exchange of information with their business partners that complies with BiPRO standards represents considerable added value. That is why our software solution has been supporting insurance customers in their communication since BiPRO e.V. was founded over a decade ago. With the Bosch BiPRO Server, insurance companies can implement all BiPRO standards automatically and standardize their processes. In addition, it gives our customers the advantage of not having to deal with complex proprietary developments, software maintenance, or comprehensive evaluations. Implementing BiPRO standards by using the BiPRO Server saves insurers at least half their labor costs compared to developing their own. Our solution also provides them with an easy and convenient way to incorporate security updates and new BiPRO standards.

Learn more about the Bosch BiPRO Server

German insurer GVO connects brokers with the BiPRO Server

GVO logo

“No matter what happens – WE WILL TAKE CARE OF IT.”

For German insurance company GVO, this pledge is now even easier to fulfill. That’s because the insurer started using the Bosch BiPRO Server as an interface for its brokers and broker portals, allowing GVO to quickly and easily exchange data with them. What’s more, the insurer is not concerned about the future. As soon as a new BiPRO standard takes effect, GVO can implement changes simply by updating its software. In turn, the company will no longer need to make costly and time-consuming changes to its existing systems and interfaces.

Learn more about the Bosch BiPRO Server GVO Gegenseitigkeit Versicherung Oldenburg VVaG

New release of Visual Rules 7.0

Visual Rules 7.0 release

Flexible business rules are key to success, especially in rapidly changing markets. And an integrated business rules management (BRM) software can help you be very flexible. Our BRM software Visual Rules 7.0 allows you to create agile business rules and easily adapt your business logic to handle changes.

Release note

New release of inubit BPM 7.2

inubit 7.2 release

Our business process management software, inubit BPM, assists you in optimizing each of your processes. By simplifying them, you can achieve considerable time savings and therefore also sustainably increase your return on investment.

Release note

Visual Rules brochure

Visual Rules brochure

Visual Rules supports business and IT departments throughout the iterative process of creating, managing, optimizing and maintaining business rules. All steps in the life cycle of flow rules, decision tables and event-driven state flows are executed with intuitive Visual Rules graphical tools and components, which you can individually combine and integrate.


inubit BPM brochure

inubit BPM brochure

inubit BPM makes it particularly easy to create process-oriented applications that you can integrate data and documents into. Business users can set up processes directly without any programming skills and then launch them in conjunction with IT.


Insurance brochure

Insurance brochure

With our software for integrated Business Process Management inubit BPM we support insurance companies to automate and optimize their business processes with regard to branch specific regulations.

The brochure is available in German only. For further information please feel free to contact our Experts.

Download (German only)

EDI goes BPM

webcast edi goes bpm

Watch a live showcase to learn how you can use electronic data interchange to make business processes more efficient.

Webcast (German only)

Implementation of BiPRO-standards

webcast bipro

Watch a live showcase to learn how you can implement BiPRO-Standards with our software solution.

Webcast (German only)

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