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New Visual Rules release 7.1 available now

Find out about the enhancements in the new release of our BRM software.

Visual Rules 7.1

The new release of our BRM software comes with additional enhancements that simplify the managment and deployment of your business rules even further.

Here some highlights of Visual Rules 7.1:

  • The Execution Server provides a new Web Viewer to browse deployed rules
  • Once configured, resource overrides are automatically applied during deployment of new rule versions
  • Execution Core enables the use of rules to implement Java interfaces 
  • A recipe explains Execution Server deployment to Amazon Web Services
  • A Docker-based evaluation setup provides a recipe for operations in Docker
  • The Visual Rules Modeler is now supported on Linux
  • The migration from 6.4 is now supported and recommended - 6.4 will be EOL 6/2018

Visual Rules architecture

Visual Rules 7.0 Architecture Icon lens

Overview: BRM software release Visual Rules 7.1

Visual Rules 7.1 features Icon lens

Flexible business rules are key to success, especially in rapidly changing markets. And an integrated business rules management (BRM) software can help you be very flexible. Our BRM software Visual Rules 7.1 brings additional enhancements to the new Execution Platform. You can now browse your deployed rules in the Execution Server using the new Web Viewer. Additional option for installing and operating Visual Rules have been added in release 7.1. Among others Visual Rules Modeler is now supported on Linux and the Execution Server comes with a recipe to be deployed on Amazon Web Services.

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