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New Visual Rules release available now

Visual Rules 7.0

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Flexible business rules are key to success, especially in rapidly changing markets. And an integrated business rules management (BRM) software can help you be very flexible. Our BRM software Visual Rules 7.0 allows you to create agile business rules and easily adapt your business logic to handle changes.

An optimized architecture

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Visual Rules 7.0 boasts an optimized architecture that not only reduces complexity and the time needed for setup and operations, but also increases the performance of rule executions.

A new Execution Server

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The Execution Server, in which you can manage and execute rule services, became a cloud-ready so-called twelve-factor app. This means, it can be configured in many ways and for various setups, initializes automatically, and can be scaled horizontally. Furthermore, Visual Rules 7.0 grants you plenty of flexibility in setting up the Execution Server, which you can now combine with identity management (on-premise), Bosch IoT Permissions service (in the cloud), or run without authentication.

The Execution Server also has a new look and feel. Its landing page displays utilization, including distribution of rule executions over a specified period. Interlinked tables with filtering capability allow you to navigate to information of interest to you. And you can test rules within the web UI thanks to a form-based REST client for rule execution.

Changes within the Execution Core

We have also restructured and simplified the Execution Core Java API. This Java interface makes it easy for you to manage libraries, resources, and rules as well as their execution. Sample projects in Visual Rules 7.0 demonstrate how to use the Execution Core in plain Java and in Spring Boot applications.