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Now available: Visual Rules 8.0

Designed for ultra-high performance – both on premises and in the cloud
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Visual Rules 8.0

The new version Visual Rules 8.0 offers you optimum support in demanding cluster and cloud scenarios.


  • Full cluster and cloud support, including dynamic scalability
  • Possibility to add additional nodes with no restart or reconfiguration
  • Seamless administrative interface for Team, Build, and Execution
  • Support for the standard OAuth2 protocol
  • Software includes open-source application Keycloak as the OAuth2 identity provider, as well as a migration tool

Full-featured Visual Rules server architecture for demanding cluster and cloud scenarios

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Version 8.0 fully implements a new Visual Rules server architecture. Visual Rules now also gives you optimum support in cluster setups – for applications that demand the highest levels of performance and stability. In addition, you can now operate Visual Rules completely in the cloud. And the software is extremely scalable: you can now add new nodes easily without restarting or reconfiguring. The seamless administrative interface for the Team, Build, and Execution components makes it easier to perform your daily tasks.

Enhanced user administration for more efficient operation

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Visual Rules now supports the standard OAuth2 protocol for authentication and authorization. The software includes Keycloak as the open source identity provider, and the accompanying migration tool speeds up the migration process for existing customers. Now that Visual Rules supports the widely used OAuth2 standard, you can expect to see lower maintenance costs for the software.