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inubit BPM add-ons

Add tried-and-true features to inubit BPM

Do you want to monitor your business processes professionally? Or a way to manage tasks externally? We have the right add-ons for you.

Additional features for your BPM software

inubit BPM add-ons are stand-alone, standardized products that build on the core program. They provide industry-neutral solutions for certain processes and topics. Our add-ons – the Process Monitor and the External Interface – are the outcome of successful projects and offer best-practice solutions that have proven themselves time and time again.

Monitor and control your processes

Screenshot: Virtimo BPC Monitor Icon lens
Screenshot: Virtimo BPC Monitor

Virtimo AG, our Partner of the Year 2015/2016, developed an effective add-on: the Business Process Center (BPC). Available in two versions, it allows for efficient monitoring of process information.

BPC Process Monitoring (standard edition) – This version’s dashboard and BPC monitoring module allow you to keep an eye on your processes. Rational data sources can be integrated using various core services that not only prepare data for full-text indexing, but in turn also enable the usability features of process monitoring. You can, of course, seamlessly integrate Virtimo Process Monitoring into inubit BPM.

BPC Process Monitoring (professional edition) – This version does not require using Liferay as a portal server, allowing you to use the BPC as a stand-alone application server. This process-monitoring module also offers specialized supplementary features such as a details window for process data, a process starter plugin, and other standard widgets. You will also benefit from advanced options for configuring monitoring settings, among many other features. Last but not least, you can expand the scope here to as many as three fields of application as well as several system connections or data sources.

Learn more about the Virtimo Business Process Center

Manage tasks externally

External Interface for task management Icon lens
Manage your tasks in External Interface

With External Interface, our web service interface, you can manage tasks externally. What’s more, you can use as many clients as you want spanning a remarkably broad range of technologies – including Google Web Toolkit, .NET, Adobe Flex, and JSF. The inubit BPM process engine handles tasks, allowing you to benefit from inubit BPM’s integration and B2B features:

  • Create tasks for one or more roles / users.
  • Retrieve task list and task details for a single user.
  • Lock tasks for users / roles to ensure exclusive completion of tasks
  • Unlock, delete, confirm, and delegate tasks assigned to predefined roles and / or users
  • Update task data