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Business Process Management with inubit BPM
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Why use inubit BPM for process management?

Powerful and flexible processes are the key to a company’s success in dynamic markets.


Our customers use inubit BPM in a remarkably wide variety of projects. We can help you in many areas: from application and process integration to automation of procedures and EDI / WebEDI.

Intuitive use

Thanks to the visual interface and customized allocation of roles in inubit BPM, you do not need IT skills to design your processes.

Flexible process automation

More than 70 standard connectors make it easy to integrate inubit BPM into your IT infrastructure and connect third-party systems. This flexibility makes inubit BPM especially powerful regarding SOA, EAI, and EDI functions.

Process management with our BPM software from start to finish

inubit BPM allows you to design procedures for entire BPM life cycles. Icon lens
inubit BPM allows you to design procedures for the entire BPM life cycle.

inubit BPM aids you in all phases of Business Process Management (BPM). You will have all the tools you need to model, implement, and monitor your processes, thus laying the foundation for optimum BPM. Your workflows will become leaner, more efficient, and more transparent. Thanks to a wealth of interfaces, you can easily and quickly integrate our platform-independent BPM software into your business environment.

You can also count on high availability and system reliability because inubit BPM runs on a cluster network of multiple computers. Known as an active-active cluster, it will handle the processes of any node that fails, therefore ensuring uninterrupted operation. In addition, you can expand our BPM software with add-ons. The fruit of successful projects, our add-ons offer best-practice solutions that have proven themselves many times over.

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Model your processes to define your procedures

Business Process Diagram in inubit BPM. Icon lens
Sample of a Business Process Diagram in inubit BPM.

Business users can model their own processes in our BPM software, allowing them to work with IT experts to design everyday business processes more efficiently. And, thanks to inubit BPM’s model-based approach, your associates do not need any particular programming skills. Every user has a unique role with its own specific powers. You can use graphic design to depict your processes as a Business Process Diagram (BPD) in BPMN 2.0 Standard or as a process map, for instance. All model types have a hierarchical structure, are fully connectable, and are stored in the central repository. You can simulate all diagrams step by step, document them by partially or fully automated means, and assure their quality. You can also use inubit BPM to map corporate structures and IT landscapes in order to define resources.

Implement new processes to reach your goals

Design technical workflows in inubit BPM. Icon lens
A technical workflow in inubit BPM.

With inubit BPM, you can efficiently implement modeled processes and make your BPM transparent. By generating your technical workflows directly from the specialized models, you can work much faster and have time to focus on other challenges. And you do not need to write a single line of code to create executable processes. inubit BPM features expandable templates that allow users to automatically generate processes and to configure technical details using drag & drop. Three integrated functions – JavaScript frameworks, JSON, and REST – make it easy to create web applications and integrate users into processes.

Last but not least, we have equipped our BPM software with a lot of interfaces. You can use over 70 standard connectors and adapters to connect external systems. This provides you with nearly limitless opportunities for realizing more ambitious SOA, EAI, and B2B scenarios. On-the-job teamwork pays off. When your managers and IT experts collaborate, your development phase might last only half as long. What’s more, you can reduce the duration of maintenance tasks by as much as 90%.

Pursue your path to the goal

Visualization of process development using dashboards in the inubit Cockpit Icon lens
See everything at a glance with the inubit Cockpit.

inubit BPM visualizes the results of your process management, so you can check whether you are on the right path – if not, you can take action. Our BPM tool collects and provides all data in real time. Managers and business users can always access all current key performance indicators (KPIs). In turn, you are always in control of process management and do not lose track of your goals.

Our customers are very satisfied

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