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New release 7.4 of inubit BPM available now

Find out about the enhancements in the new release of our BPM software.

inubit BPM 7.4

The new release of our BPM software comes with new features that makes working more efficient and comfortable.

Here are some of the highlights of inubit BPM 7.4:

Greater convenience:

  • Continue working in the new offline mode even if you lose connectivity to the inubit Process Engine
  • Search more easily in global search – not just for names, but also for tags and diagram content
  • Exit even incompletely configured system connectors in the Designer panel and carry on working
  • Import and export business process diagrams in accordance with the BPMN 2.0 diagram interchange (DI) standard

Greater control:
  • Enter passwords just once in the password manager instead of individually for every connector
  • Access and modify user, monitoring, and partner data directly in the enhanced REST interface
  • Define even more detailed user rights to improve system integrity

Integrates the latest technology:
  • Supports Java 11 and OpenJDK 11
  • Comprehensive update of libraries and third-party tools

Greater convenience

inubit BPM 7.4 features Icon lens

There are several new features for smoother modeling of processes:

Don’t worry if your connection to the inubit Process Engine is interrupted. With inubit BPM 7.4, you just carry on working with Designer in offline modeling mode. Designer then offers a specific scope of functionalities that allows you to continue working on your local artifacts and publish them once connectivity is restored.

The enhanced global search now also lets you find artifacts anywhere in the Workbench using tags that users can assign.

When configuring system connectors, you can now exit the wizard and create the module on the Designer panel even if you have not completely configured it. inubit BPM then creates a system connector template that you can finish later, when you have verified missing settings.

If you have business process diagrams that are used in other tools besides inubit BPM, you now benefit from the additional support of the latest BPMN 2.0 diagram interchange standard, which enables direct import and export of all .bpmn files.

Greater control

inubit BPM 7.4 features Icon lens

Enhanced administrative features and interface functionality:

The user manager now lets you assign different users different rights, for instance to create/edit/delete diagrams and modules, and restrict access to the command-line interface. These new features ensure greater system integrity.

The new password manager provides a central vault for login credentials in Workbench Designer and makes using access data more convenient yet secure. When you update or delete login credentials in the password manager, it automatically updates them in the appropriate system connectors.

inubit BPM 7.4 also features an enhanced REST interface, allowing you to retrieve or modify user, monitoring, and partner management data directly in the REST interface without having to use the Workbench. Your automated processes use this data, too, of course.

Integrates the latest technology

inubit BPM 7.4 now supports Java 11 and all updates included with this latest Java version. Depending on your project setup, you may have to obtain additional licenses for Java 11 from Oracle, or use the free OpenJDK 11.