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Use Visual Rules to effectively manage business rules and facilitate collaboration with business users and IT experts.
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Visual Rules 8.0: ultra-high performance - on prem and in the cloud

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Why Visual Rules?

In complex company structures and heterogenous teams, flexible and intelligent business rules are essential to profitable decison-making.

Intuitive modeling

Your business users and your IT experts can define rules via visual modeling interfaces and allocation of specific roles. Visual Rules serves as a communications platform.

Agile business rules

Visual Rules lets you respond flexibly to modified requirements. Your business logic is therefore always up to date – with no changes to your application.

Trackable decisions

Visual Rules precisely converts the rules you have modeled into executable applications. As a result, you can automate and track decisions.

Flexibly manage business rules from conception to execution

Visual Rules helps you manage your business rules throughout the BRM life cycle. Icon lens
Visual Rules allows you to develop your business rules throughout the BRM life cycle.

Visual Rules will accompany you during every stage of business rules management (BRM). Our software provides everything you need to model, administer, and execute your business rules. In this way, you lay the foundation for transparent BRM and play a role in your company’s long-term profitability.

Visual Rules unites your company’s business users and IT experts. Everybody benefits from a visual and easy-to-understand description language for your business logic. In turn, your business and IT specialists can work together efficiently. What’s more, you can easily integrate Visual Rules into your existing IT landscape. This software solution not only processes large quantities of data – it also makes runtime-critical decisions.

[Video] Modeling of decision tables with Visual Rules [Video] Modeling of flow rules with Visual Rules

Model your business rules for intelligent decision-making

You can present your business rules in various decision tables. Icon lens
An example of modeling your business rules in the Visual Rules Modeler.

In collaboration with their IT experts your business users can use Visual Rules to model even highly complex business logic by converting them into easy-to-understand rules. In addition, you will intuitively create and maintain rules as well as automate operational decisions in the Visual Rules Modeler. You can present simple business logic in decision tables that are very similar to those compliant with the Decision Model and Notation (DMN) standard. Alternatively, make more complex material easy to understand by modeling it in process rules.

The Visual Rules Modeler is a comprehensive development tool that enables your IT experts to separate business logic from application development. They have a flexible Eclipse IDE with a repository interface and Java expandability at their disposal, as well as analytical and validation tools.

[Video] Testing rules with Visual Rules

Define business rules as a team

Visual Rules fosters collaboration between IT experts and business users. Icon lens
Fostering teamwork between IT experts and managers.

As rules affect many different people, Visual Rules supports rules management by the team. Assign responsibilities to your business users and IT experts, allowing your staff to use Visual Rules for effective teamwork. In Visual Rules your business users can use the Visual Rules team server together with his IT colleague to make changes without any need to modify the application.

Once you are satisfied with the rules you have created, our software will automatically convert them into executable code. Visual Rules will also test your business rules and roll them out to the runtime environment. As an alternative, you can choose to provide your models manually.

On-the-job teamwork pays off. When your managers and IT experts collaborate, your development phase might last only half as long. What’s more, you can reduce the duration of maintenance tasks by as much as 90%.

Apply your models and track the results

See everything at a glance thanks to our graphic rule models. Icon lens
See everything at a glance thanks to our graphic rule models.

Based on your rule models, Visual Rules generates Java code that is compiled to ensure ultra-high performance. Our BRM software can be integrated into your IT landscape very smoothly, either by invoking rules as SOAP or RESTful web services or integrating them into existing Java applications. This means you can customize your business rules. They will also be executed in a reliable and trackable manner.

In addition, Visual Rules documents every step – allowing you to evaluate your runtime statistics and processing time. These evaluations make it easy for you to track and optimize your business rules. Visual Rules helps you to not only meet compliance regulations, but also make the right decisions.

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Visual Rules architecture Icon lens
Technical design of Visual Rules

We equipped Visual Rules with high-performance tools and components that you can use to create, manage, and execute business rules.

Do you have questions about the technical implementation of Visual Rules? Please contact our experts. They will be more than glad to help you.