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Charging app

FAQs about Z.E. Pass

Z.E. Pass - explained in brief

Z.E. Pass - explained in brief


I have registered a new account but I can't log in to the app.

Please check that you have confirmed the activation link in the e-mail sent to your registered e-mail address. You will be able to log in once you have confirmed the activation link.

An error message is shown when I start the charging operation.

Sometimes a charging station may experience a delay if it is in stand-by mode or if internet reception is poor. If this happens, you will see the error message “Command could not be sent to charge spot.” It’s a good idea to first simply try to start the charging operation again via the app; you do not need to reconnect the charging cable. If the error message still appears, please contact the charge point operator. You will find the phone number in the app next to the charge point information.

What do I do if an error message appears on the dash before I start charging?

Disconnect the charging cable from the vehicle and from the charging station. Close the vehicle's doors and lock it. Wait about 5 minutes and try again.

The app notifies me that charging is in progress– even though my vehicle is not charging.

Such a notification indicates a charging error. Bosch will automatically delete it within two days. The user will not be responsible for any costs.

I have trouble finding the charging station shown on the app.

If you are having difficulties, we recommend using the app’s built-in navigation to find the charging point. Don’t search for it by address (street name and house number), as the geopositioning used by the Z.E. Pass app is much more precise. Therefore, it is possible that while you might not be able to find the street address, the navigation function is sure to guide you to your destination. In addition, it may be that your own GPS position is not displayed very precisely in the app. Depending on which smartphone you are using, you can probably adjust GPS accuracy in the settings.

Charging does not start.

First make sure the charging cable is connected correctly to the vehicle and to the charging station, and the charging station is on (the screen should be lit up). If your vehicle has a loading hatch, it should be closed. Also check that your charge request has been accepted by the operator (the color of the light changes, e.g. to blue, or the light flashes). Otherwise restart the application using the app. If charging still does not start, please contact our Customer Service.

In Germany: +49 391 832 298 26
In France: +33 3 871 301 87
In Belgium: +32 2 700 62 69
In Austria: +43 1 206 092 058
In Switzerland and Liechtenstein: +41 44 511 22 79
In Ireland: +353 1 5621376
In Luxembourg: +352 34 20808757

Via email

My vehicle is not charging, or charging is interrupted.

Please contact our Customer Service.

In Germany: +49 391 832 298 26
In France: +33 3 871 301 87
In Belgium: +32 2 700 62 69
In Austria: +43 1 206 092 058
In Switzerland and Liechtenstein: +41 44 511 22 79
In Ireland: +353 1 5621376
In Luxembourg: +352 34 20808757

Via email

I can hear a fan running noise, and charging is interrupted.

The traction battery sometimes needs time to cool down (such as after a lengthy drive). During cooling, it may be that charging is stopped for a short time (30 sec – 1 min). Charging will then restart automatically. Otherwise please contact our Customer Service.

In Germany: +49 391 832 298 26
In France: +33 3 871 301 87
In Belgium: +32 2 700 62 69
In Austria: +43 1 206 092 058
In Switzerland and Liechtenstein: +41 44 511 22 79
In Ireland: +353 1 5621376
In Luxembourg: +352 34 20808757

Via email

What can I do if I am out of power and the charging process is not working properly?

Contact Renault Support Service (the phone number is available in R-link). The battery rental cost includes a recovery service.


What is Z.E. Pass?

Z.E. Pass is a smartphone app that makes it much easier to charge Renault electric vehicles in publicly accessible areas, and it makes it more fun to travel long distances, too. This free app simplifies the task of finding and using almost all web-enabled charging stations in many European countries, regardless of the region or the provider. Rounding off the service is the Z.E. Pass charging card. All you need to do is register once and enter a method of payment.

What services does the app offer?

You can find charging stations and check their availability with your smartphone. It is easy to start or stop the charging process using the app or the optional Z.E. Pass. By including various charge point operators, coverage includes almost all web-enabled and public charging points. The card function displays available charging points and lets you activate them. After completing the simple charging process, payment is made securely and transparently via PayPal or credit card. The best part is that there is no need to commit to a contract period and no basic fee. Before the payment transaction starts directly in the app, you get an overview of the operator’s pricing conditions. Registered Renault drivers receive discounts. The app’s logbook provides a clear and complete list of all your charging operations, which can be easily accessed at any time.

Important functions:

  • Map and search function for finding public charging stations
  • Virtually complete coverage of public, web-enabled charging points thanks to the integration of various charge point providers
  • Displays charging station availability
  • Filter option (e.g. plug type, charging output)
  • Starting / Stopping the charging process
  • Discounted prices for registered Renault drivers
  • Shows the price for an hour of charging
  • Cashless payment (PayPal, credit card)
  • Logbook with overview of charging times and costs
  • Possible to give feedback on charging stations
  • Managing Z.E. Pass charging cards

What makes the app special?

With Z.E. Pass, you now need only a single app and a charging card to enjoy emission-free driving. No more multiple contracts, each with a different RFID card. This app provides access to nearly the full network of publicly accessible, web-enabled charging infrastructure for use with smartphones. As the driver of an electric vehicle, you benefit from interregional mobility and hassle-free charging. Moreover, Z.E. Pass offers attractive usage conditions with its flexible and transparent billing process as well as no need to commit to a contract term and no basic fee. Having a different contract with each of numerous individual providers and varying fees is now a thing of the past.

How large is the Z.E. Pass network of charging stations?

By integrating a variety of charge point operators, we have achieved virtually complete coverage of all publicly accessible, web-enabled charging points. The network is being continually expanded as we gain new charge point operators as our partners throughout Europe.

In which countries can I use the app?

The app is currently available in Germany, France, Belgium, Austria, and Switzerland and will soon be rolled out to other European countries. Note that the app can only be downloaded from app stores in the above countries. We are continually entering new partnerships with charge point operators throughout Europe in order to expand the network.

Which operating systems are supported by the app?

The app can be downloaded for free at the Apple Store (iOS) or at the Play Store (Android). At the moment, Windows Phone is not supported because it is less popular. We are keeping a close eye on the situation, however, and may extend the service to other operating systems in the future.

Which charging stations can I use?

All usable charging stations can be located using the app. Further details are also provided by the app, such as plug type and charging capacity in kW. What’s more, many charging stations display the intercharge logo.

Who is responsible for the app’s operation and who should I contact if I have questions?

The app is provided by Bosch Software Innovations. Our customer service department will be happy to answer any questions you have and is available 24/7: by email and our hotline. Please always specify your username when sending us a question. You will find this in the app in Profile Information under the Profile menu. Here are the numbers for the hotline:

In Germany: +49 391 832 298 26
In France: +33 3 871 301 87
In Belgium: +32 2 700 62 69
In Austria: +43 1 206 092 058
In Switzerland and Liechtenstein: +41 44 511 22 79
In Ireland: +353 1 5621376
In Luxembourg: +352 34 20808757

Can I use the app for more than one electric vehicle?

Yes, you can charge multiple electric vehicles on the same Z.E. Pass user account. Alternatively, if you would like to have separate billing for the vehicles, you can do this by creating more than one user account.

What happens if I loan my vehicle to someone?

If you loan your vehicle to someone and hand over your log-in data or Z.E. Pass charging card, then the charging costs will continue to be billed to your PayPal or credit card account. For reasons of data privacy and protection, we explicitly advise you to always keep your log-in data secret and never to share it with other people; see also Section 8 of the app’s Conditions of Use. Anybody who drives your vehicle can download the app to their own smartphone and create their own user account for charging the vehicle.

What points do I need to consider before charging my vehicle?

There should be no error messages displayed on the dash before you start charging. The engine must be off, and the gear-shift lever in the Park position ("P"). There must be no active charging plan (access path: Main menu R-Link / Vehicle / Electric vehicle / Charge planner).

How do I get a Z.E. Pass?

You can request the RFID card by the following contact options.



  • Phone: 0 08 00 87 36 28 58




Which charge spot providers in Germany are included in the app?

Allego GmbH

Belectric Drive GmbH

EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG

Energiedienst Holding AG



has·to·be gmbh

Heldele GmbH

innogy SE

Last Mile Solutions

Robert Bosch GmbH

smartlab Innovationsgesellschaft mbH /

Stadtwerke am See GmbH & Co. KG

Stadtwerke Leipzig GmbH


Virta International GmbH

Vorarlberger Kraftwerke AG

Which charge spot providers in France are included in the app?

A01, Etablissement Public Aménagement Mantois Seine Aval

CN1, Compagnie Nationale du Rhône

E04, Sodetrel Corri-Door

M31, Métropole de Toulouse

S02, Union des secteurs d'Energie du Département de l'Aisne

S03, Syndicat Départemental d'Energie de l'Allier

S05, Syndicat Mixte d'Electricité des Hautes-Alpes

S07, Syndicat Départemental des Énergies de l'Ardèche

S09, Syndicat Départemental d'Énergies de l'Ariège

S10, Collectivités du SDEA

S11, Collectivités du SYADEN

S12, Syndicat Intercommunal d’Energies du Département de l’Aveyron

S24, Syndicat Departemental d'Energies de la Dordogne

S26, Syndicat Départemental d'Energies de la Drôme

S28, Syndicat Départemental d’Energies d'Eure et Loire

S29, Syndicat Départemental d'Energie et d'Equipement du Finistère

S30, Syndicat Mixte d'Electricité du Gard

S31, Syndicat Départemental d'Énergie de la Haute-Garonne

S32, Syndicat Départemental d'Electrification du Gers

S33, Syndicat Départemental d'Energie Electrique de Gironde

S34, Syndicat Mixte d’Energies du Département de l’Hérault

S35, Syndicat Départemental d’Energie de l'Illet-Vilaine

S37, Syndicat Intercommunal d’Énergie d’Indre-et-Loire

S38, Syndicat des Énergies du Département de l’Isère

S40, Syndicat d'Equipement des Communes des Landes

S42, Syndicat Intercommunal d’Énergies de la Loire

S44, Collectivités du SYDELA 44

S46, Fédération Départementale d'Energies du Lot

S47, Syndicat Départementale Electricité Energie Lot et Garonne

S48, Syndicat Départemental d'Energie et d'Equipement de la Lozère

S56, Morbihan énergie

S61, Syndicat de l'Énergie de l'Orne

S64, Syndicat d'Energie des Pyrenees-Atlantiques

S66, Syndicat Départemental d’Energies et d’Electricité des Pyrénées Orientales

S74, Syndicat des énergies et du développement numérique de la Haute-Savoie

S76, Syndicat d’Energie et d'Equipement de la Vendée

S77, Syndicat Départemental Des Energies De Seine-Et-Marne

S80, Collectivités du FDE 80

S81, Syndicat Départemental d'Energies du Tarn

S82, Syndicat Départemental d'Energie du Tarn-et-Garonne

S85, Syndicat d’Énergie et d’Equipement de la Vendée

SEO, Séolis

V75, Mairie de Paris

Which charge spot providers in Belgium are included in the app?

Allego BVBA

Blue Corner NV

Last Mile Solutions

Which charge spot providers in Austria are included in the app?

ElectroDrive Salzburg GmbH

Energie AG Oberösterreich

Energie Burgenland AG

Energie Steiermark AG

ENIO GmbH (t-systems)


has·to·be gmbh

KELAG-Kärntner Elektrizitäts-AG

Last Mile Solutions

Linz AG

TIWAG-Tiroler Wasserkraft AG

Vorarlberger Kraftwerke AG

Wien Energie GmbH

Which charge spot providers in Switzerland are included in the app?

Alpiq Holding AG


ESB Energie Service Biel/Bienne

Energiedienst Holding AG

Green Motion SA

Groupe E

has·to·be gmbh

Virta Ltd. /

Vorarlberger Kraftwerke AG


How do I find a nearby charging station?

Once you have opened the app, it will then find your current location automatically or you can do it manually by clicking on the icon at bottom center. Your smartphone’s location positioning function needs to be turned on in order to use Z.E. Pass. You can turn this on at any time under your smartphone’s data privacy settings. Z.E. Pass accesses the positioning function only when you are using the app. You can also use the search function at any time or move and zoom the map in order to view all charging stations near a location of your choosing. After you select a charging station, the app will display the operator, price information, and exact address. If you need help navigating to the selected charging station, you can ask the app to display directions to the station you have selected.

Does the app show me whether a charging station is available or in use?

Yes; a glance at the map tells a charging station’s current status based on the color of the symbol. Charging stations with a green plug symbol have at least one charging point available, whereas those marked with a red plug symbol are in use. Gray-shaded plug symbols represent those charging stations that have no information on availability (e.g. failure). Once you have selected a charging station, the app provides details on the operator, price, and address, as well as exactly how many charging points are available.

Can I reserve a charging station?

At the moment, it is not possible to reserve a selected charging point. This service will be available in the near future, however, insofar as it is supported by the operator’s infrastructure.

What do I do if I discover on arrival that the charging station is out of order or in use?

Please contact customer service for assistance. They will advise you on the cause of the problem, possible ways to fix it, or alternative stations.

In Germany: +49 391 832 298 26
In France: +33 3 871 301 87
In Belgium: +32 2 700 62 69
In Austria: +43 1 206 092 058
In Switzerland and Liechtenstein: +41 44 511 22 79
In Ireland: +353 1 5621376
In Luxembourg: +352 34 20808757

Or by email .

Do I have to bring my own charging cable or are there cables at the charging stations?

Drivers need to bring a charging cable with a Type 2 (IEC 62196 Type 2) plug, as the charging stations are not equipped with their own cables. If you do not have a cable, you cannot charge your vehicle.

Are the smartphone app and Z.E. Pass RFID card the only ways to start the charging process?

Yes, the charging process can be started only via the app or RFID card. This is for your protection, as otherwise hotline staff would have access to your confidential information.

How long does the charging process take?

This varies from vehicle to vehicle, depending on the battery and the battery’s status.

How do I start and stop the charging operation?

You can start charging or searching for charging stations directly via the app or the Z.E. Pass charging card. Once you reach the charging station, connect the vehicle to the charging point with a cable. The app helps you find the right charging point and sends you a one-time confirmation of payment. Alternatively, you can initiate the charging process by holding the Z.E. Pass in front of a sensor at the charging point. Depending on the charge point operator, the process may also be carried out in reverse, since in some cases access to the charging point is locked until usage begins (e.g. at stations). In this case, simply use the app to first select the desired charging station and initiate the corresponding charging point. The point will then unlock and direct you to plug in the cable.

When is the charging operation finished?

Charging is complete when you stop it yourself using the app or by holding the Z.E. Pass charging card in front of the sensor. Charging does not stop automatically when the battery is fully charged. You should keep in mind that parking at a charging station without using the charging service as stipulated by the charge point operator or by local parking regulations may be prohibited or subject to a fine.

Is it possible to use my smartphone to extend the time of the charging operation?

If the operation was interrupted, it is possible to extend the time using your smartphone.

How long do I have after the charging operation has finished to move my vehicle from the parking lot

You need to remove your vehicle from the charging station parking area immediately after the charging operation has been completed. Please note that parking your vehicle at a charging station while not making use of the charging service may be prohibited or subject to a fine, depending on the regulations of the specific charge point operator or local parking ordinances.

How safe is the charging process?

The charging stations in our network are tested by the responsible charge point operator to ensure that they comply with all statutory regulations and thus meet a satisfactory safety standard.

Why does the app need access to resources such as the phone, camera, and picture gallery?

The app uses those resources only in conjunction with specific functionality when you are running it. It uses the phone, for example, when you want to call the stored hotline number from within it. The app only accesses your camera (photos/media/files) when you scan your credit card or the QR code from your RFID card when selecting a payment method and want to import the data directly from the scanned image.

Billing, data security

Do I have to pay a basic fee and are there any additional costs?

No, there is no basic fee for using Z.E. Pass. The only fees incurred are for the actual time used for charging or electricity actually consumed and an additional fixed fee per session. This is depending on the pricing scheme of the operator of the charging station.

For time based billing this commences with plugging the charging cable in the electric vehicle and ends with unplugging, measured in minutes, and is calculated independent of the amount of electricity actually consumed; see also Section 7 of the Conditions of Use.

For electricity-based billing, the price displayed in the app is used for the calculation of the final price together with the amount of electricity consumed during the charging session.

For all pricing calculations Bosch is using Charge Detail Records which are transmitted via roaming from the operator of the charging station after a charging session.

How are the prices calculated?

When you call up a charging point on the map, all pricing components are displayed, including VAT, which are used for the end price calculation. Pricing is clear and transparent; there are no additional hidden costs. Hereunder Prices are offered depending on the kind of Charging Point, e.g. based on time, power, a flat fee per charging session or a combination of aforementioned variations.

Why am I charged by the hour and not for the amount of electricity?

Every charge point operator calculates the price for usage of their charging points themselves. In addition to the cost of the electricity, this includes costs such as fees for parking space rental at the charging station, statutory electricity tax plus renewables surcharge, as well as costs for installing and maintaining the charging infrastructure. There is an additional fixed service fee (incl. Bosch Service Fee) for each charging session excl. statutory VAT for the user-friendly app service across providers, including all roaming fees incurred by Bosch Software Innovations. All prices shown in the app are gross prices that include VAT.

Why is a charge of €1 made on PayPal confirmation and then canceled again?

When you give your permission for PayPal payments to be made to Bosch Software Innovations, a charge of €1 (CHF 1 in Switzerland) is made to your PayPal account and is then immediately credited back to you. You can see this on your PayPal account via the note “Canceled.” This allows us to determine that there are no technical problems preventing the integration of your PayPal account and that you can immediately start using Z.E. Pass with no difficulties. The €1 cancellation booking is noted in your PayPal account for your information only. This does not appear on the statement for the credit card you submitted there.

How do I cancel my PayPal permission?

If you want to process payments for charging your vehicle using the app, you have to grant permission to be billed via your PayPal account. You can cancel this permission at any time by following this link.

Withdraw consent

How do I compare the price to other operators?

Using public charging infrastructure generally has higher costs in direct comparison with a charging station not operated as part of a network (e.g. a home wallbox). This is because, in addition to the cost of the electricity consumption itself, the operators must also finance the cost of installation and operation of the charging infrastructure as well as the rental of the parking spaces, among other things. It is also possible that operators of more regionally limited charging station services are able to offer lower-cost options. Providing an interregional service entails higher administrative and maintenance expenses, which are financed via the app’s small service fee. In return, you benefit from more flexibility, greater transparency, and a solution that offers consistently high quality from a single source. You can simply sit back and enjoy the ride, even on longer journeys outside your home region.

How secure is the payment transaction?

Payment transactions are secure. As a rule, data that could be tracked back to the account used for payment is not stored locally on the smartphone. PayPal has been tested by TÜV Saarland and approved as a secure method of online payment.

Why are there exceptions where payment is not made directly via the app?

The market for electric mobility is still young and developing continually. This includes expanding the network of web-enabled charging stations. In an effort to offer our customers charging opportunities in as many regions as possible, we have integrated a few charging point operators in the app whose charging stations are not yet web-enabled but are planned to be in the near future. It is true that the status of these charging stations cannot currently be checked dynamically and payment cannot be made via the app. However, we plan to integrate these charging stations into all app functions in the future.

Do I need to have a contract with every charge point operator?

No, all that’s required is a one-time registration with Bosch Software Innovations. Bosch maintains contractual relationships with all the various charge point operators.

Am I committed to a specific contract period or can I be completely flexible?

You are not committed to any contract period and retain complete flexibility in choosing a charging station.

Can I test out the app and then delete it?

You can uninstall Z.E. Pass at any time, as there is no contractual commitment and no basic fee.

When will I receive an invoice and in what form?

The user is billed after the charging process has been completed, usually no more than 48 hours later. Payment is made via the chosen method. An invoice is created for each individual charging operation and sent by Bosch Software Innovations to the email address you provided. The time it takes for an invoice to be sent may vary depending on which charge point operator was used.

Who do I contact if I have questions about my invoice?

Our customer service is available to answer questions about your invoice around the clock, by email or phone:

In Germany: +49 391 832 298 26
In France: +33 3 871 301 87
In Belgium: +32 2 700 62 69
In Austria: +43 1 206 092 058
In Switzerland and Liechtenstein: +41 44 511 22 79
In Ireland: +353 1 5621376
In Luxembourg: +352 34 20808757

How secure is my data?

The data from your smartphone is transmitted exclusively in encrypted form and is secured using state-of-the-art protocols. As a rule, data that could be traced back to the account used for payment is not stored locally on the smartphone.

What do I do if I lose my smartphone?

Contact customer service by email or phone and provide your username to have your account locked.

In Germany: +49 391 832 298 26
In France: +33 3 871 301 87
In Belgium: +32 2 700 62 69
In Austria: +43 1 206 092 058
In Switzerland and Liechtenstein: +41 44 511 22 79
In Ireland: +353 1 5621376
In Luxembourg: +352 34 20808757

If you have questions about Z.E. Pass, we’re happy to help.

Our customer service is available around the clock – just send us an email or call:

In Germany: +49 391 832 298 26
In France: +33 3 871 301 87
In Belgium: +32 2 700 62 69
In Austria: +43 1 206 092 058
In Switzerland and Liechtenstein: +41 44 511 22 79
In Ireland: +353 1 5621376
In Luxembourg: +352 34 20808757