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Our Connected Building solutions help you to make the idea of smart buildings a reality.

Connected Building: intelligent solutions for commercial buildings

Our Connected Building solutions help you to make the idea of smart buildings a reality.

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How you will benefit

By supplying data on buildings and their technology, our solutions for commercial buildings will help you to always make the right decision.

Gain essential insights

Our solution monitors your building equipment by means of KPIs and aids building managers in making evaluations. Deviations can therefore be detected earlier on.

Reduce service costs

Building operators can use our solution to access the latest data on their buildings – from anywhere, at any time. As a result, they can pinpoint malfunctions before substantial damage can occur.

Enable new services

As a manufacturer of building technology, building automation, and software services for buildings, we offer our intelligent solution as a platform for providing digital services – and generating additional profits.

Smart buildings offer tremendous opportunities

Our intelligent solutions help providers of building technology, building automation, and lighting to make new business models a reality.

New technologies are changing the working world. They are placing new demands on working environments in commercial buildings, but are also expected to cut operating costs and make commercial buildings more energy-efficient and easier to manage. Connecting the building in question will address these issues, making it easier to monitor and maintain. Such buildings are also more efficient to maintain – while remaining convenient for building managers and comfortable for office workers.

Our Connected Building software solution links important elements of building technology inside commercial buildings. The software analyzes and interprets building data, then converts it to valuable information. Our software also enables owners and managers of buildings to remotely monitor and control their buildings along with infrastructure. For providers of building technology, building automation, lighting, or software services, our solution makes it possible to develop new business models – such as Light as a Service.

How to get started with your smart building project A commercial building where everything is connected

How our solution can help you – starting today

The Connected Building platform can be used to remotely monitor and manage commercial buildings. Icon lens
Third-party services can also be integrated into the Connected Building platform.

Remote monitoring and optimization of service and maintenance

Building managers can access real-time building data from anywhere. This allows them to, for instance, locate malfunctions before significant damage can occur, which in turn results in optimized service intervals and more efficient maintenance.

Monitoring of building equipment

Our software makes it even easier to monitor your building equipment. The latest measured values can be used to quickly calculate key performance indicators (KPIs) that then aid building managers in monitoring and evaluating building performance. All numbers are displayed onscreen and building managers are notified as soon as, or even before, defined values deviate from a specified range. This helps ensure safe and secure equipment operation and eliminates any unexpected failure of building equipment.

Making capital expenditures effective

The building manager receives details in one place on all information and KPIs relevant to the building. Our Connected Building software then informs them about energy consumption, duration of lamp usage, or the presence of people in the building outside of normal working hours. Building managers can also see to what extent and when floor space is used in buildings. With this information, they can optimize utilization of space and arrange for cleaning as necessary.

Connected Building with strong partners: efficient, convenient, intelligent

Bosch’s platform embodies an open approach and adds value by integrating services from third parties such as Modcam AB.

The LifeCycle Tower One (LCT) in Dornbirn, Austria is the first eight-story building made of prefabricated wood. Particu Icon lens
The first joint project in Austria concerning connected buildings

The LifeCycle Tower One (LCT) in Dornbirn, Austria is the first eight-story building made of prefabricated wood. Particular emphasis was placed during planning on sustainability and resource efficiency. Zumtobel Group developed a lighting strategy for the LCT One that features connected lighting infrastructure as well as sensors that measure parameters such as incidence of light, temperature, rain, wind, and motion. Various combinations of artificial and natural light can create different environments at meetings, for instance.

Thanks to our partnership with the Zumtobel Group – and aided by Dassault Systèmes and Modcam AB – building data can be converted into useful information. The Rhomberg Group, which manages the building, has an overview of the building’s status and technological health in real time; not only that, but our software also assists with remote monitoring by showing how any given space in the building is being used. This enables the Rhomberg Group to modify service intervals and minimize downtime while optimizing utilization of office space.

Our software can evaluate the many data points generated by connected lighting infrastructure. It is possible, for example, to view the fault status and energy consumption for every lamp, thus allowing the system to identify potential malfunctions and avoid them. Furthermore, the building manager receives data on the elapsed operating time and remaining service life of lamps. Last but not least, a maintenance log specifies conspicuous events, anomalies, offline equipment, and irregularities.