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Monitor performance and optimize maintenance with the Lift Manager

by Bosch Software Innovations
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Get insights from the lifts in your building

The number of high-rise buildings is rapidly growing due to urbanization and the demand for more office and living space. Lifts are a critical part of a multi-story building’s infrastructure. In a bid to ensure their safe and reliable functioning, facility managers face many challenges ranging from the lack of operational transparency to the shortage of skilled technicians.

Our effective end-to-end IoT solution for lift monitoring puts facility managers in control of their lifts’ operations and maintenance. It provides valuable insights into lifts’ usage patterns, allows to optimize their servicing, and helps prevent breakdowns.

The Lift Manager is part of the Connected Building Solutions built on top of the Bosch IoT Suite. This set of solutions delivers comprehensive information on how the building’s infrastructure is functioning straight to the hands of building owners and facility managers.

What are the benefits of the Lift Manager?

Easy installation

Non-invasive retrofitting of existing lifts regardless of brand and location

Operational and maintenance transparency

Real-time and historical data presented in graphical form provides a clear picture of how lifts are functioning and being serviced

Minimization of downtime

Optimized maintenance schedules and instant notifications of critical events allow to reduce downtime to a minimum

Increased safety

Centralized tracking of operational anomalies and maintenance lapses ensures higher safety standards

The Lift Manager solution elements

The Lift Manager consists of hardware and software. The sensors and gateways can be easily and quickly installed on the lift’s car top. This non-invasive installation is simple, fuss-free, and it allows to retrofit any lift regardless of brand or location.

The Lift Manager web application is an intelligent software that collects values from sensors installed on the lift’s car. It provides raw data for further analysis and represents processed data in graphical form.

The graphical dashboard gives a full overview of the lifts’ performance and maintenance activities.

It delivers event notifications and alarms operators about incidents such as abnormal vibrations, stuck doors, or an lift car’s leveling outside of the acceptable range. It also provides valuable insights by displaying utilization, maintenance, and other trends. The dashboard is available through a web browser, so facility managers can access it on their laptops, mobile phones, or tablets anywhere, anytime.

The Bosch IoT Suite is the foundation of the solution. It provides a unified access to connect devices and enables remote configuration and monitoring, as well as firmware / software updates over the air. As a result, the upkeep of the Lift Manager requires minimal effort.

Key features of the Lift Manager

Centralized monitoring
Improves operational transparency, responsiveness, and efficiency by tracking anomalies and maintenance lapses centrally for all lifts in the building.

Notifications and escalations
Monitors lift status, notifies support staff of critical events and, if necessary, escalates to maintenance personnel.

Condition monitoring & predictive maintenance
Bosch Software Innovations is collaborating with the world’s leading domain experts to provide a predictive maintenance function that helps forecast faults. It allows facility managers to plan maintenance based on actual wear rather than on a fixed maintenance schedule, saving costs in building operations.

Maintenance tracking
Serves to monitor the duration of preventive maintenance checks, track their lapses, and compare lift performance before and after the maintenance.