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Central Platform for Market Communication

E.ON Ruhrgas consolidates EDI solution and communication channels
Case Study
“With inubit E.ON Ruhrgas implemented a powerful EDI tool regarding the scope of operation and scalability. No noteworthy project specific modifications had to be conducted."
Udo Witteck, Project manager at E.ON Ruhrgas AG


E.ON Ruhrgas is confronted not only with the challenges of the cooperation agreement “Gas.” In addition, E.ON Ruhrgas strives for the technological leadership in international business:

  • Consolidation of all interfaces
  • Connection of internal systems, for instance in accounting
  • Strong monitoring capabilities for business relevant processes

Approach and Results

The flexibility and productive efficiency of inubit enable E.ON Ruhrgas to implement the requirements of the cooperation agreement “Gas” as well as the new standards of the “European Committee EASEE-Gas” in short notice:

  • Application of inubit as a highly available cluster due to the immense importance of the EDI process
  • Formats “out-of-the-box”: EDIG@S / EDIFACT, XML, Excel, CSV, Flat-File, ASCII
  • Consolidation of the IT landscape with only minor project specific modifications thanks to numerous standard modules for the integration of IT systems

Thanks to the implementation of inubit, E.ON‘s performance regarding the communication with market partners improved:

  • Efficient monitoring components comply with the comprehensive requirements of E.ON Ruhrgas
  • Highly productive monitoring of business relevant processes
  • Due to the consolidation of the IT infrastructure: reduction of the number of necessary servers from 11 to 5, resulting in decreased operating costs

"We are pleased having achieved this high project target. We hope to participate in the future development of inubit, too.”
Udo Witteck, Project manager at E.ON Ruhrgas AG

About E.ON Ruhrgas AG

The E.ON Ruhrgas AG with a turnover of annually 700 billion kilowatt hours petroleum gas is one of the leading gas companies in Europe and one of the major private importers of petroleum gas worldwide.

Customers are regional and local power suppliers as well as industrial plants and power plants.

E.ON Ruhrgas

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