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White paper on the smart meter rollout

Your road map for the smart meter rollout

How can you seize the rollout’s opportunities right from the start and prepare yourself for Smart Meter Gateway Administration?
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How are you bringing about the transition to intelligent metering point operation?

The rollout involves more than just replacing meters. Making metering point operation “intelligent” requires setting a strategic course and careful planning.

The white paper by schäffler sinnogy provides a road map with specific recommendations for the rollout of smart metering infrastructure. It is accompanied by a checklist, a thorough guideline that can help you implement the rollout. With the road map and the checklist to help them right from the outset, metering point operators can make systematic use of the opportunities the rollout presents. This will help mitigate risks and ensure they remain competitive.

Dr. Harald Schäffler is an innovation expert for the energy industry. His consultancy schäffler sinnogy focuses on innovation management and the development of business models for energy companies in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

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100 activities

are involved in a successful rollout. The rollout road map and checklist support you during implementation.

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