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Webinar: intelligent metering point operations

Here is how to make your metering point operations intelligent

From conventional to intelligent metering point operations (iMPO)

Introducing price ceilings while unbundling grid and metering point operations requires a metering point operator to effect a genuine transformation. Only by automating the business processes can an operator master the increased complexity and maintain the price ceilings at the same time.

Each webinar in our series on intelligent metering point operation focuses on a particular topic.

In the webinar on October 19, we will show you:

- the components of the iMPO IT platform
- a live demo on process automation
- planning a rollout according to legal regulations and technical requirements
- managing service providers
- monitoring the overall process as well as subprocesses
- automatic order handling in a GWA system
- integrating external systems

And of course we will be happy to answer your questions after the live demo.

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