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Gearing up to roll out Smart Meter

Our partner Stadtwerke München wraps up ALC test

Stadtwerke München successfully tests PPC gateways

Stadtwerke München (SWM) and Power Plus Communications AG successfully wrapped up the ALC test using Smart Meter Gateway Administration software from Bosch Software Innovations. This marks the first time the ALC test (class ALC = Assurance Life Cycle support) has provided the means to assess gateways’ full lifecycle from end to end with a live connection to the government-led Smart Metering Public Key Infrastructure (SM-PKI). It is a major step on the way to rolling out Smart Meter.

Manufacturers, measuring point operators and software manufacturers have to comply with rigorous information/data security and protection standards throughout the lifecycle. This applies when the device is delivered, installed in a secure environment, and eventually decommissioned.

Valuable insights for the upcoming rollout

The Munich-based energy provider says it gained insights into the operating environment during the ALC test, insights that will prove valuable when the software’s rollout gets underway. This was the first time the finalized SM-PKI’s digital security certificates served to transfer data securely from the gateway. Run by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), the SM-PKI is a central trusted hub for communication with smart metering systems.

More tests in the offing

As a mandatory part of the ALC test, SWM also had to scrutinize the interaction with internal and external processes throughout the lifecycle under conditions approximating those in the real world. Customer-specific quality and test criteria were defined to this end.

“This verification of processes and IT infrastructure marks a major step towards a productive start for the rollout,” said Andrea Renner and Wolf Fischer, SWM Project Managers Smart Meter Rollout.

Now that this first test has been completed, SWM will conduct more ALC tests with other vendors using Gateway Administration software from Bosch Software Innovations.