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Bosch helps check compliance with Verification Act

German national metrology institute runs tests using our GWA software

Certification for Smart Meter Gateways

Before Smart Meter Gateways can be marketed and installed at consumer premises, they require two types of certification. The first is a certificate from the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) based on the Smart Meter Gateway protection profile, which guarantees the information security of the device. The second is a type examination certificate from the PTB, which certifies the conformity of measuring instruments to legal requirements under the Verification Act.

The PTB assesses whether the data used for billing purposes is correct and whether it is presented to consumers clearly enough to enable them to check their bills and control their energy usage.


PPC passes compliance testing with Bosch software

Our partner PPC (Power Plus Communications) was the first to establish contacts with the PTB enabling the institute to operate Gateways in the Bosch IT environment and test compliance with legal requirements under the Verification Act.

Two of our software solutions were chosen as the core components of the test environment: the Meter Gateway Manager for Gateway Administration (GWA) and the Metering Data Hub for processing metering data. These two solutions meet the technical requirements and provide outstanding levels of transparency, user-friendliness and intuitive operation.

The Smart Meter Gateway from PPC has now received a type-examination certificate from the German national metrology institute (PTB). This certifies compliance with the provisions of the German Measures and Verification Act, including the PTB-A 50.8 requirements for all the required types of tariff (TAF 1,2,6,7).


Interview with Dr. Christoph Leicht from the PTB

Dr. Christoph Leicht, who heads up the “Measuring Assemblies and Systems for Electrical Energy” working group at the PTB, emphasizes how important it is that the test can be performed quickly and easily.

Leicht praises the Bosch backend for being “well presented, easy to use, and clearly structured”. Thanks to its intuitive, user-friendly operation, the test team can get started quickly without having to work their way through extensive documentation. The PTB can implement the tests swiftly and complete the type testing process quickly and efficiently.

Working on the basis of the interim and future target model, the job of the test team is to verify that the measuring instruments in question comply with the legal requirements under the Verification Act.

Dr. Leicht