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Dessau municipal utility opts for Bosch Software Innovations solutions

Gateway Administration and processing of metering data provided in the form of software as a service (SaaS)

Dessau municipal utility company chooses our solutions for smart metering

Stadtwerke Dessau

Dessau municipal utility is one of the biggest metering point operators in Saxony-Anhalt, with around 50,000 meter points. The utility company is now in the process of implementing Gateway Administration with the Meter Gateway Manager and metering data processing with the Metering Data Hub from Bosch Software Innovations.

Automated processes, intuitive operation and efficient staff assignment

Before opting for metering solutions from Bosch Software Innovations, the utility company tested and evaluated numerous options from various providers in a tendering process. One of Dessau municipal utility’s key requirements was that it should be able to manage metering operations without employing more staff.

“The key factors that led us to choose solutions from Bosch Software Innovations were intuitive, user-friendly operation and process automation. Those features allow us to carry out the additional GWA processes with our existing workforce.”
Dino Höll, Managing Director

How intelligent metering works at Dessau municipal utility

data processing service centre

The GWA solutions were provided in the form of software as a service. The solutions are hosted at a certified computer center in Munich run by the company SWM Service GmbH, a Bosch partner. Dessau municipal utility uses SAP as its in-house ERP system.

Engineers used the IM4G adapter developed by Bosch Software Innovations to connect the SAP system to the smart metering solutions at the Munich computer center via a VPN tunnel.

More about the Im4G adapter (in German only)

SaaS makes it easier to obtain certification for smart metering

As the principal meter operator, Dessau municipal utility will take on the role of Gateway Administrator itself. All that is required in this case is completion of the existing ISMS certification for the operation of critical infrastructure.

For Dessau municipal utility, the advantage of operating the Bosch Software Innovations software for Gateway Administration and metering data processing in the form of software as a service (SaaS) is that they only need to obtain certification for the workspaces in Dessau.
That saves them time and money!