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Smart Meter Management: simple, intuitive, and completely automated.
Meter Gateway Manager

Smart Meter Management made simple

Smart Meter Gateway Administration made simple

Metering point operations made simple:
our Meter Gateway Manager reduces the complexity of metering processes.

Automated processes

Routine tasks such as certificate changes are automated, so users only rarely need to take action. This allows you to use existing personnel resources to manage many different metering systems.

Intuitive and easy to use

You do not need to be an IT expert to use our solution. Just one introduction is all it takes for your personnel to master it.

Multi-tenancy support and scalable

The system flexibly adapts to metering systems you add and opens up possible business models for you as a metering service provider.

Easy troubleshooting

Users benefit daily from numerous monitoring, analysis, and alarm functions.

"We looked for an IT solution that meets our long-term requirements for a high-quality, intuitive application that is cost effective to run. The Meter Gateway Manager allows us to easily automate complex processes."
Dr. Holger Kasinger, Stadtwerke München

When is meter management truly smart?

When it makes complex things simple.

Dashboards show the status of processes in your metering point operations at a glance. Icon lens
Keep an eye on everything with Meter Gateway Manager monitoring.

The Meter Gateway Manager controls and manages all processes associated with Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI). These range from the management of master data through the configuration of Smart Meter Gateways to support for automated rollout processes – including use of the Rollout Process Manager.

An asset management designed especially for metering point operators can be integrated into existing infrastructures to help manage AMI.

Various dashboards display the status of your metering infrastructure and of gateway administration processes.

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Metering data processing with the Metering Data Hub

Visualization of metering values (German) Icon lens
Visualization of metering values (German)

The Metering Data Hub is a complete system for external market participants and various market roles (grid operation, sales, supplier, etc).

A single system provides decryption, plausibility checks, and substitute value formation of metering data, time-series management and routing.

The Metering Data Hub already meets the requirements of the interim solution issued by the German Association of Energy and Water Industries (BDEW) and the target model in the German Metering Point Operation Act.

A web portal for end-consumer is available as an option.

More in the Meter Gateway Manager brochure

Metering enables new value-added services and business models

The measurement data available through smart metering is the basis for new value-added services and business models.
Many utilities are not only challenged to analyze the data, but also to develop new services and business models.