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Connected Infrastructure Solutions
Connected Infrastructure Solutions

Easy and efficient monitoring of infrastructure

Keep an eye on your infrastructure at all times and plan targeted maintenance measures with our Connected Infrastructure Solutions
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Key insights for fast diagnoses

Overview Connected Infrastructure Solutions Icon lens

Bridges, harbors, roads, streets, dams, airports: infrastructure and transport routes come in many different shapes and sizes. All are subjected to natural and extraordinary influences that can lead to wear or long-term damage. Deterioration on transport routes and infrastructure is only worsened by any number of other factors: vibrations, earthquakes, heat, cold, overloading, signs of wear, or unexpected damage.

It is therefore essential to know the condition of your transport routes and infrastructure, so that you can take any necessary actions and monitor their impact. We use our Connected Infrastructure Solutions to connect infrastructure components so that, upon request, we can provide you with information in real time and active alerts with precisely the data you need. In turn, you have eyes on your infrastructure at all times. You can evaluate its secure and safe use and can also reduce the time and costs associated with maintenance and inspections.

Because no two infrastructure components are the same, we pool our expertise with that of our partners on all things concerning software, sensors, and services and combine it with the relevant domain know-how.

Our solution for your infrastructure

Thanks to our Connected Infrastructure Solutions, you can use the latest data to assess the condition of your facilities and ensure their continued use.

Connected Infrastructure Solutions Architecture Icon lens
Our solution comprises sensor networks as well as software and the necessary services

Use case: Monitoring bridges for motor vehicles and trains
In Germany alone, there are more than 150,000 bridges that must be inspected regularly to avoid potential damage. It is difficult, however, to definitively ascertain use and the resulting strain on the structure. But our Connected Infrastructure Solutions make it easy to remotely monitor bridges. Sensors measure key parameters such as vibration, expansion, temperature, or corrosion, making it possible to evaluate the bridge’s condition. As the user, you see all the figures at a glance. You also receive an alert as soon as any value deviates from a specified range. If this happens, it can trigger follow-up processes: issuing maintenance orders or notifying the fire department, for instance. What’s more, you will receive information on any unforeseen events such as accidents or vandalism, and you can reduce the load on the bridge by proactively managing traffic if necessary.

Our cloud-based solution also enables you to integrate third-party services for additional insights. For instance, weather data can help you promptly detect the strain on bridges that are, say, susceptible to high winds, and ensure that they are safe to use..

Additional use cases for our Connected Infrastructure Solutions:

  • Seamless monitoring of routes on land and water, such as tunnels, roads, streets, dams, canals, and sluices
  • Efficient use of existing infrastructure and intelligent pooling / integration of existing silo solutions at harbors and airports, for example

Just three steps to your solution

Bosch is a full-service partner. We will help you with everything – including an analysis of requirements, conceptual design, and implementation of your very own Connected Infrastructure Solution. Here are the key milestones of our joint project:

1. Evaluation of the use case
We collaborate closely with you to flesh out and then fine-tune your specific use case. In addition, we can help you select the right technology for it. We then review the concept of your Connected Infrastructure Solution.

2. Proof of Concept
During the Proof of Concept (PoC) stage, we ensure that your idea can become a reality. We also assess your solution and evaluate potential stumbling blocks.

3. Setup and expansion of your solution
We will implement your cloud-based solution as well as assist you with operation and further development, if required. Your solution can be expanded at any time via additional evaluations, more infrastructure components, and other types of sensors.

Business Model Innovation

Your benefits at a glance

Our network of partners
We work closely with renowned partners who have the domain expertise necessary for defining infrastructure requirements – to name just one example.

The complete Bosch 3S package
Bosch offers a full-service package called 3S: sensors, software, services. We tailor all of them to your unique requirements.

Highest level of security and safety
Thanks to Bosch’s infrastructure, our standards of ethics, and our IoT principles, we deliver the best possible security and safety for your solution.