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IoT Webinar Series

Episode 2: Build your IoT project

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Required technology stacks, architectures and capabilities to build an IoT project

As smart, connected devices and products form large connected systems capable of capturing, creating, and transmitting data, they hold tremendous opportunities for businesses to capitalize on the generated data. However, the viability of your IoT deployment largely depends on the proper set-up of your connectivity infrastructure and its components.

Join the speakers as they discuss:
• Different connectivity options and the future of connectivity

• The biggest pitfalls to avoid when architecting an IoT environment based on real-world examples

• How to design a robust, yet manageable infrastructure to help your organization more efficiently collect and process IoT data

• Bosch’s and Mercury Marine’s lessons learned from implementing a cloud based solution that helps to streamline boat engine performance and digitize the boating industry’s value chain

Watch Recording now!
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Corey Plender

CTO, Bosch Software Innovations

Corey Plender is Director of Solution Sales and Architecture at Bosch Software Innovations. He has responsibility for technical sales and solutions design in the Internet of Things and Services space. In his role, he is focused on solving business challenges by developing custom solutions for machine-to-machine connectivity, embedded devices, communications protocols for utility and industrial process control, device management, and field service management. 

Bosch Software Innovations Corey Plender

James Poehler

Senior System Architect, Bosch Software Innovations

James Poehler is Senior System Architect at Bosch Software Innovations. Prior to joining Bosch, James held technology roles at Digi International and Restaurant Technologies where he successfully developed IoT applications for a variety of industries. Leveraging his 15+ years of experience in the IoT space, Jimbo helps customers to build complete IoT solutions – from hardware selection to communication technologies and data analytics.

Bosch Software Innovations James Poehler

Andrew Sember

Program Manager, Mercury Marine

Andrew Sember is Program Manager at Mercury Marine in Fond du Lac. He is a member of the company’s controls and rigging business. In his role, he successfully leads efforts to connect people with their vessel, including OEM’s, dealers and end consumers.

Andrew Sember Mercury Marine