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Bosch IoT Suite now available as Platform as a Service

Cloud-enabled software package for developing applications in the Internet of Things

Bosch Software Innovations now offers the Bosch IoT Suite as a Platform as a Service (PaaS) that provides a comprehensive toolbox in the cloud. The individual, highly available software services make it easier for IoT solution developers to perform their daily tasks and help them to speedily release applications in the Internet of Things. They offer all the functions needed to connect devices, users, and businesses. The software platform is the base on which Bosch and its customers build a broad range of solutions and projects. More than five million devices and machines have already been connected using the technology.

Quickly build IoT applications

Gif: toolbox in the cloud for IoT developers

Using the software services, developers can quickly build, implement, and operate cloud-based and highly scalable IoT applications. The initial set of services, frameworks, and containers already features technology by ProSyst, the company Bosch acquired in 2015, and is being steadily expanded. It can already handle the requirements of the most common IoT scenarios: reliably managing devices, machines, and gateways; providing secure access management; executing software roll-out processes; connecting third-party systems and services; and analyzing data. Subscribers benefit from transparent invoicing of the software services, which are billed via service plans that come in different levels depending on the number of connected devices, active users, transactions, or the amount of data. The system architecture places particular emphasis on the secure connection of sensors, actuators, and embedded systems using encryption and a public key infrastructure (PKI). It is an area in which Bosch’s subsidiary ESCRYPT also brings its technology and expertise to bear in addressing the IoT’s security and privacy requirements.

Toolbox in the cloud: download graphic

Bosch IoT Suite services available in the Bosch IoT Cloud

Software services are already being used to operate and develop Bosch IoT solutions. The services of the Bosch IoT Suite have been integrated into the Bosch IoT Cloud marketplace, which will be made available step by step for external customers and partners. In future, individual services will be provided on other marketplaces based on Cloud Foundry.

In creating the Bosch IoT Suite, Bosch Software Innovations has succeeded in realizing an open IoT platform. The company will continue to develop and refine it by applying open standards such as OSGi and by having its developers participate in open source communities such as the Eclipse Foundation. In the Eclipse IoT Working Group, Bosch Software Innovations has launched three projects: Eclipse Vorto for the standardization of device abstraction models; Eclipse hawkBit for software updates for IoT devices and gateways; and Eclipse Hono, which has just been launched to ensure uniform remote-service interfaces for the secure exchange of information. IoT middleware specialist ProSyst has been prominent in the OSGi Alliance since its foundation, and plays an active role in shaping the specifications of this standardization body.

In its recent study entitled “I4.0 / IoT Vendor Benchmark 2016 – Germany,” the Experton Group rated the Bosch IoT Suite as “leading” – thereby confirming the attractiveness of the products and services it offers as well as its particularly strong market position and competitive standing.

More information on the Experton Vendor Benchmark Download Bosch IoT Suite screenshots

Quotes by Dr. Stefan Ferber, VP of Engineering at Bosch Software Innovations

Portrait Stefan Ferber
Stefan Ferber, VP of Engineering, Bosch Software Innovations

“Our agile development approach allows us to rapidly modify the functionality of our software services to cater to new or changing market requirements as well as to develop new features at extremely short notice. All the while, our agile DevOps teams are working not only to refine the individual software services, but also on agile deployment to guarantee high availability in operation.”

“By using the Cloud-Foundry-based software services of the Bosch IoT Suite, companies can significantly accelerate their application development process in the Internet of Things. Our platform offers the flexible scalability developers need to commercialize successful prototype applications.”

“For our customers, a cloud-enabled software platform is the foundation for growth in the Internet of Things. The software services we offer break down the Bosch IoT Suite into easily reusable micro-services that cater precisely to IoT developers’ requirements.”

Download portrait of Stefan Ferber