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Eclipse Foundation announces Bosch as a strategic member

10,000 Bosch engineers already use the Eclipse Integrated Development Environment

The Eclipse Foundation is pleased to announce that Bosch has become a strategic member of the Eclipse Foundation. Bosch has been a long-term solutions member of the Eclipse Foundation, and is actively participating in the Eclipse Automotive Working Group and the Eclipse Internet of Things (IoT) Working Group. As a new strategic member, Bosch will have a representative on the Eclipse Board of Directors and lead a number of open source projects at Eclipse. More than 10,000 Bosch engineers use the Eclipse Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

Bosch is a €49-billion global industrial corporation that provides technologies and services for industries such as Mobility Solutions, Industrial Technology, Consumer Goods, and Energy and Building Technology. In addition, Bosch is one of the largest suppliers of automotive components and a leader in the emerging industrial IoT.

Bosch’s involvement in the Eclipse community includes:

  • Participating in the Eclipse IoT and Eclipse Automotive Working Groups.
  • Leading the Eclipse Vorto project, an IoT tool that allows for the creation and management of information models that describe IoT devices. These information models can be used to easily connect devices to a variety of IoT platforms.
  • Leading the Eclipse APP4MC, a tool chain infrastructure for embedded multi-core and many-core software development used in the automotive industry. The technology is based on the standard developed during ITEA’s AMALTHEA research projects in Europe and their successor, AMALTHEA4public.

“No company can single-handedly make the IoT a reality"

Business portrait Stefan Ferber

“No company can single-handedly make the IoT a reality. It is very important for Bosch to engage in business ecosystems and open source communities,” explains Stefan Ferber, Vice President for Engineering at Bosch Software Innovations and Bosch’s representative on the Eclipse Board of Directors. “Thanks to contributions from many IoT developers in the Eclipse Community, tools and standards are created on an open platform that many companies will benefit from regarding their IoT applications.”

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The key to success

“As software becomes strategic for industrial companies, Bosch is becoming a leader in adopting open source strategies for their solutions,” explains Mike Milinkovich, Executive Director of the Eclipse Foundation. “Bosch understands that the keys to success in the software industry are widely adopted, open source platforms that can be used to create not only developer ecosystems but also commercial solutions. We are thrilled to have their leadership in creating IoT and automotive platforms at Eclipse.”

Bosch joins 12 other companies that are strategic members of the Eclipse Foundation: Actuate, CA, CEA List, Codenvy, Google, IBM, Innoopract, itemis, Obeo, Oracle, Red Hat, and SAP.

Eclipse Foundation contact for journalists:

Ian Skerrett
Eclipse Foundation