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Smart Meter Gateway Administration

Stromnetz Berlin puts Bosch Software Innovations IT system into operation

With the start-up of the IT system for Smart Meter Gateway Administration (SMGWA), meter data management (MDM), and rollout process management, Stromnetz Berlin has laid important groundwork for the rollout of smart metering systems.

Modern metering devices and smart metering systems

In 2016, the German Bundestag adopted the Act on the Digitisation of the Energy Transition and the newly implemented Smart Meters Operation Act (MsbG). This establishes the key prerequisites for Stromnetz Berlin GmbH’s new role as meter operator for modern metering devices and smart metering systems.

Stromnetz Berlin entrusted the design of the required SMGWA/MDM software to Bosch Software Innovations GmbH in 2016. The IT system has now been successfully delivered to Stromnetz Berlin for the first phase of implementation. The system will allow Stromnetz Berlin to carry out pilot projects in selected customer installations under real conditions. In the first phase, the focus is on testing the smooth start-up, reading out data at defined intervals, secure data transmission, and overall rollout process management.

Ronny Stark, project manager at Stromnetz Berlin: “Implementation of the software solution, which has already attained Cloud Service ISO 27001 certification, brings us another step closer to our goal to fulfill the new market role of smart meter gateway administrator. Bosch Software Innovations’ solution allows us to consistently automate all of these highly complex processes.”

Challenges for grid operators

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“Transforming existing IT systems for power grids to a secure IT system landscape is one of the biggest challenges currently facing grid operators. This enables them to act flexibly in a new digital market environment, while at the same time mapping existing business processes,” says Thomas Schäfer, Chairman of the Management Board of Stromnetz Berlin GmbH.

The work together will continue

Michael Hahn, COO Bosch Software Innovations
Michael Hahn, COO Bosch Software Innovations

The collaboration with Bosch Software Innovations is to continue beyond the pilot operating phase. Apart from launching and maintaining the final software platform for highly automated operation of smart metering systems, Bosch Software Innovations will also be responsible for implementing a scalable and secure solution for Smart Meter Gateway Administration and meter data management. Furthermore, Bosch is developing software-based mapping of intelligent and efficient processes, which in the event of system breakdowns will allow short response times while drawing on minimum personnel resources.

“We are delighted to be able to demonstrate our competence in the field of Smart Meter Gateway Administration to Stromnetz Berlin,” says Michael Hahn, COO and member of the management team of Bosch Software Innovations. “Here, as one of the first distribution system operators, Stromnetz Berlin is taking a major step toward a networked energy landscape. Through processing of metering data, our software supports Stromnetz Berlin in offering its end customers new value-added services.”

Short description of the technology

Modern metering devices
Modern metering devices are digital electricity meters that record power consumption and save the data for a defined period of time. Detailed consumption data and the display of instantaneous energy consumption can only be accessed by entering a personal identification number (PIN). Modern metering devices as such cannot be read remotely, but they can be expanded with an additional communication unit to create a smart metering system.

Smart metering systems
Smart metering systems consist of one or more modern metering devices and a secure communication unit, known as the smart meter gateway. The smart meter gateway administrates access rights, processes metering data, makes contractually compliant data available to entitled market participants, and manages production and consumption systems.

For more information, please contact:
Olaf Weidner, Pressestelle, Stromnetz Berlin GmbH
Phone: +49 30 267 14930