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IoT Webinar Series Bosch Software Innovations

IoT Webinar Series: Harnessing the Power of the Internet of Things

Make your IoT strategy work for you

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IoT Webinar Series: Start your digital journey with the right priorities

Learn how to successfully implement the Internet of Things throughout the value chain.

IoT Webinar Series Bosch Software Innovations

Harnessing the power of the IoT is much easier said than done. In our webinar series you will learn how to implement an IoT connectivity strategy from vision to roll-out. Our experts will guide you through the different steps and phases that need to be taken to implement the IoT throughout the value chain. After this webinar series you will have an understanding of how the IoT will assist you to drive business value within your company.

Join our experts as they share insights on how to capture the value potential of an IoT-driven strategy:

  • Requirements and steps of a digital business model development approach
  • Technologies and capabilities that are key differentiators in a connectivity initiative
  • The role of sharing and integrating data across the enterprise
  • Best practices of getting an IoT solution to market

Are you

IoT ready?

Once you read our 4-step guide to effectively implementing the IoT, you'll be.
Learn how to successfully implement the IoT throughout the value chain.

1. IoT Readiness

In this in-depth session Nate Anderson (Partner, Bain & Company) and Matthew Jennings (Regional President Americas, Bosch Software Innovations) speak about the impact of Digital, best practices for getting started with your IoT initiative and a hands-on methodology approach.



IoT Readiness Webinar

2. Build your IoT project

During this session, you will get deep insights into connectivity options, biggest pitfalls to avoid when architecting an IoT environment and how to design a robust, yet manageable infrastructure to help your organization more efficiently collect and process IoT data.



Build your IoT project

3. Understanding the business value of data exploration

Speakers will address the strategic significance of systematic IoT-driven analytics, how to build a sustaining IoT data analytics solution and lessons learned from leveraging IoT data to make the most out of your connected vehicle systems and high value asset


Leverage your IoT data


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