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Partner of the Year Award

OVSoftware gets awarded at the iDay 2017
Bosch Software Innovations

OVSoftware receives "Partner of the Year Award" for project based on inubit BPM

Partner of the Year Award

During iDay 2017, a conference organized by Bosch Software Innovations GmbH in Berlin for its partners and customers, long-standing implementation partner OVSoftware GmbH received the 2016/2017 Partner of the Year Award for a project based on our inubit BPM software.

The winning proposal concerned a joint project between OVSoftware GmbH and the Medical Association of Westphalia-Lippe (ÄKWL).

On the day after they received the award, Andrè Döking (ÄKWL), Norbert Grüssing (ÄKWL) and Frank te Kloeze (OVSoftware) gave a detailed presentation of the project to customers and partners of Bosch Software Innovations attending the iDay conference. In addition to the technical details, the attendees were interested to hear that the “fee assessment” tool, as part of a bigger portal solution, is being used with great success to determine the contribution payable by members of the medical association. Some 40% of all members registered as users of the eÄKWL portal do actually use it, and more than 50% of these registered users make use of the online “fee assessment” tool.

What the project is all about

Awarded project based on our BPM software

To support the services it provides to the over 40,000 ÄWKL members in Westphalia-Lippe, the medical association collects large quantities of data. With the previous client solution, the data was received by phone, by post, or by email. The information was then entered in the system and processed by internal staff in the relevant departments.

With the planned and already partially implemented portal solution, physicians – but also other third parties such as providers of further-education seminars – will be able to submit requests, enter data, and access information directly online. They will thus no longer be restricted to the association’s office opening hours. Allowing external users to input their own data reduces the workload on administrative staff and minimizes sources of error. It also simplifies workflows.

The solution is based on inubit BPM and implemented by means of heavily process-oriented workflows. The data for each step in the process is output in XML format. XSL transformations are used to edit and process the data, and supplement it with information from the database. The users (data clerks and external users) interact with the system via a web browser running on a Liferay portal. Portlet workflows created using the inubit workbench can be integrated at this stage and assigned to role-based tasks. Task lists are created containing tasks for specific users or roles within the portal. Sencha ExtJS is used as the JavaScript framework for building user interfaces.

OVSoftware GmbH

OVSoftware GmbH
Customized software made in Münster

OVSoftware GmbH is based in the old harbor district of Münster, Germany. The company’s 30 or so employees develop customized software solutions based on Java and .NET protocols. Its portfolio of services includes IT consulting, scrum coaching, and IT support, in addition to customized software design. Current topics of interest are business process modelling (BPM), Industry 4.0, and mobile app development.

OVSoftware offers its customers the option of either fully outsourcing their software projects or implementing them as collaborative projects in which a team of OVSoftware specialists is assigned to the customer’s specific project.

OVSoftware GmbH is the German branch of the OVSoftware Group that was founded in the Netherlands in 1972 and today employs nearly 140 people at five different locations in the two countries. OVSoftware GmbH is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year.

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