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Steffen Lehmann - Insurance

Steffen Lehmann
Director Sales
Phone +49 30 726112-243

Automatically Mastering Record Growth

HanseMerkur Versicherungsgruppe

“inubit made it possible to successfully implement the vision of flexible end-to-end process design of the Organizational Development Department at HanseMerkur and thus create an important module for achieving the strategic goals. The process design creates more transparency and lets departments and IT come together.“

Frank Mielke, IT Architect and Project Manager, HanseMerkur


Between 2003 and 2009, the number of people insured by HanseMerkur increased from 366,000 to a total of 1.2 million. The challenge was to maintain the current level of service with an almost unchanged workforce despite this increase:

  • Reduction of the time-consuming manual processes in checking the insurance coverage with an automatic reconciliation of the information extracted from the bills
  • Selective dialog interaction with agents in exceptional cases


Competing against process engines from Pegasystems and Cordys as well as open source solutions like jBPM, inubit managed to score thanks to its power, flexibility and the excellent value-for-money it offers:

  • Implementation of a reference process with interfaces, dialogs and process rules that is documented in the BPMN modeling standard
  • To the extent necessary, integration of staff using a workflow that is based on inubit and uses interfaces developed in Eclipse
  • Establishment of new processes on a service-oriented architecture in order to be strategically prepared for future change requirements in the industry

Results Achieved

inubit integrates systems of the IT landscape (mainframe, inventory management system, databases) and integrates medical verification systems for service checks and Visual Rules for mapping complex decision rules:

  • Increase in the number of service bills per employee and reduction of the stock claims ratio through automatic checks
  • Process-driven migration of other inventory and service systems into the SOA context, orchestration of processes