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Steffen Lehmann - Insurance

Steffen Lehmann
Director Sales
Phone +49 30 726112-243

About IDEAL Lebensversicherung a.G.

Founded in 1913 in Berlin as the “Volksfeuer Burial Association of Greater Berlin” in order to make a dignified burial available to a broader section of the popula- tion, IDEAL has been systematically developed into what it is today: a modern, strong service insurer with independent agents.

With its wholly-owned subsidiary AHORN AG – one of the leading German interment service companies – and with its sales partners, it occupies a unique position in the market: the competent insurance specialist for senior citizens.

The Direct Line to the Insurance Broker


“inubit is an innovative and efficient tool for process automation. Particularly in the sales field, which is highly dynamic and characterized by ever more complex requirements, inubit BPM supports us in adapting our processes in an agile manner and allows us to focus on our core competencies.”

Percy Wippler, Business Unit Manager IT, IDEAL Lebensversicherung a.G.


For IDEAL, its partners are the actual customers. In order to be able to offer them the broadest array of services, it is necessary to be able to process highly dynamic sales processes in real time:

  • BiPRO-compatible automation of the rating, offer and application processes and implementation of new BiPRO norms and standards
  • Integration of the systems for connecting to brokers online and transportation of the data for GDV data exchange
  • Additional automation of internal business processes


inubit is the only comprehensive BPM solution to fulfill all functional, technical and business requirements:

  • Depiction of business processes and the technical workflows using inubit
  • Linking of the involved sales and CRM systems and integration of the processes between IDEAL and brokers, pools and primary insurers
  • Standard-compatible communication with external partners through the BiPRO-defined web services, making use of the inubit BiPRO Server

Results Achieved

The automation of the processes and the accelerated data exchange led to a significant increase in the share of automatically running business processes:

  • Approx. 100,000 sets of application data are transported annually and more than 100 GDV inventory data sets are transported monthly via inubit
  • The reduced “time to market” makes fast adjustment to changing market conditions possible
  • Adaptive interfaces ensure that the system can be expanded in the future