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Marginal Column
Steffen Lehmann - Retail and Logistics

Steffen Lehmann
Director Sales
Phone +49 30 726112-243

Award-Winning Master Data Maintenance


“We have managed to cut the time required for entering new articles in half and focus even more on data quality assurance. Paperless communication in the now media discontinuity-free process also saves about 300,000 pages of paper.”

Maik Behnke, Core Process Management Edeka Minden-Hannover


Frequent changes to the product range used to require a lot of time and effort for the manual maintenance of master data. This time had to be reduced:

  • Automatic retrieval of article master data from the central master data pool
  • Partial outsourcing of data entry to suppliers via a web portal
  • Direct input validation as well as automatic updating in the SAP system


inubit was chosen as the technological basis because of its impressive modeling and technical implementation:

  • ACTUAL process analysis, documentation and subsequent creation of an optimized TARGET process in BPMN
  • Configurative and non-invasive integration of third-party systems using system connectors, SAP connection via BAPI interfaces, use of web service interfaces of the external data provider Sinfos/SA2
  • Connection of employees involved in the process via a web-based portal
  • Comprehensive real-time reporting options, provision of aggregated reports in the form of graphic diagrams, process-oriented reporting via the Process Monitor

Results Achieved

inubit replaces entry in several Excel documents and manual transfer to SAP with a cross-departmental data transfer without media discontinuity:

  • Time required for entering new articles cut by half
  • Stronger focus on data quality assurance
  • Paperless communication saves about 300,000 pages of paper