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Steffen Lehmann - Others

Steffen Lehmann
Sales Director
Phone +49 30 726112-243

About sellysolutions

sellysolutions Servicegesellschaft mbH is the leading provider of internet-based ordering systems and services on the German food service market. The selly team has more than 10 years of experience

developing and using high-end IT solutions on the wholesale market.

The selly technology is based on ASP (Application Service Providing): The company provides the

complete software and technology, offers support and guarantees maximum availability. Customers

merely need to have a computer with internet access. The selly solutions offer all required basic products

for implementing an electronic ordering system for providers and buyers in large-scale catering and for efficiently supporting planning and billing processes.

Connection of Dealers and Suppliers in the Food Service Market


“We made the right choice when we replaced our own systems with inubit BPM. With inubit BPM, we now have a powerful and flexible system at hand.”

Andreas von Czapiewski, Managing Director of sellysolutions


One of the primary services offered by sellysolutions is the integration of its online ordering platform with the material management systems of buyers, specialized retailers and manufacturers in the food industry:

  • Inbound and outbound data exchange with retailers while supporting national and international standards
  • Handling of communication processes in a heterogeneous IT landscape
  • Data and availability security of the highest standard


The decision to use inubit was based on the expertise of the Bosch Software Innovations staff and the integration strengths of inubit BPM:

  • The project planning phase lasted four weeks and live operation commenced after just 12 weeks
  • inubit BPM is used as the integration server for conversion, collection and distribution of data as well as for system connection
  • Actual formatting of article catalogs combined with customer-specific price reconciliation at the same time
  • Further processing of more than 70 different formats such as EDI, XML and Excel

Results Achieved

At sellysolutions, inubit BPM is used as the integration server between the ERP systems of the individual suppliers and the sellysolutions platform:

  • Import of approx. 500,000 data records per day, with an import maximum of 1.9 million data records per day
  • Data exchange with retailers (inbound), daily updates of several hundred thousand price and product information records
  • Outbound data transfer including transfer of purchase orders to retailers