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Steffen Lehmann - Others

Steffen Lehmann
Sales Director
Phone +49 30 726112-243

About Zweygart

The hardware store Walter Zweygart KG was founded in 1874 and is steeped in tradition. In decades they developed to the trade group Zweygart, a major wholesale merchant for hardware that now has eight special markets in Germany and another one in Hungary.

Meanwhile, the Zweygart assortment offers 120,000 articles like protective closing, electric and other tools, sanitary technique, construction fittings, mounting technique, and steel.

Medium-sized Specialized Trader Enters e-Business

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“We searched for a replacement for our first e-business application. Eight weeks after the project was started the new e-business solution was realized completely and on schedule. We are enthusiastic. Due to the low costs and the rapid realization we are now able to stepwise connect further customers and suppliers, which enables us to further cut the costs of our processes.”

Dr. Wolfgang Zweygart, Managing Director


In order to simplify the cooperation with business partners and to reduce internal process costs, an e-Business solution was to be introduced:

  • Connection of the most important suppliers, retailers and Zweygart stales staff to the internal AS/400 based ERP system
  • Display of prices and article availabilities for purchases via the internet portal


The adaptive design of the inubit software allows a simple, fast, and cost-effective integration of heterogeneous IT systems. The product already offers a multitude of system connectors and format adapters:

  • Operation of inubit BPM and the portal component built on this as Java application in a J2EE application server
  • Connection of heterogenous IT systems via i.e. EDIFACT, XML, xCBL, openTRANS
  • Connection of the online shop to the ERP system via XML interface

Results Achieved

The entire e-Business solution could be implemented within eight weeks, return on investment for the project was achieved in a few months:

  • Set-up of an internet-portal with the portal solution based on inubit BPM that presently offers 120,000 articles as a multi-supplier catalog
  • Display of ERP prices individual to customers, real-time availability check of articles
  • Synchronous data exchange between the portal and the ERP system
  • Order processing without multiple input and change of media
  • Stepwise completion of the system by connecting external service providers (e.g. payment) and mobile devices of staff members