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Jörg Uhlenbrock - Others

Dr. Jörg Uhlenbrock
Senior Sales Executive
Phone +49 30 726112-246


Worldwide the FRIWO group stands for power supply and recharging technologies at the highest stage.

The group develops, produces and markets power supply units and rechargers, according to varying

technical and country-specific requirements.

Operationally the FRIWO group consists of a holding company (CEAG AG) and the business units FRIWO Mobile Power and FRIWO Power Solutions. FRIWO is a globally acting technology company with its own development, manufacturing and sales units present in all important markets.

RosettaNet Standard for Communication with Business Partners


In order to improve and stabililze its own markekt position, FRIWO wants to present itself as innovative company, show its customers new ways and continually improve cooperation. To achieve these goals, FRIWO relies on the electronic exchange of business data via the EAI component of inubit BPM, using the industry standard RosettaNet.


In order to steadily enhance customer satisfaction and delivery reliability, a solution for the electronic interchange of business data was to be found:

  • Handling of the exchange of business documents via the communication standards defined by RosettaNet
  • Support of all processes defined in the RosettaNet standard


The EAI component of inubit BPM builds the basis for the electronic exchange of data:

  • Support of the RosettaNet Implementation Framework V2.0 via the inubit RosettaNet Connector
  • Verification of incoming messages with regard to their syntax, conversion into XML
  • Archiving of received data for later use
  • Generation of valid RosettaNet messages out of PIP messages preprocessed in the workflow
  • Provision of processes defined within the RosettaNet standard in form of Business Workflows, connection with Technical Workflows

Results Achieved

Thanks to the integrated architecture of inubit BPM FRIWO is now able to communicate securely and efficiently with its partners:

  • Central communication interface for all customers and logisticians involved in the process
  • Integration of staff members via web applications
  • Generation and editing of process data
  • Global provision of information for various subsidiaries allows quick and flexible reaction towards market changes