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Jörg Uhlenbrock - Others

Dr. Jörg Uhlenbrock
Senior Sales Executive
Phone +49 30 726112-246

Communicating Directly

HL komm

“We stay more flexible if we integrate our numerous small systems than we would if we adjusted our processes in a monolithic block. If a new system is required because of a new process, we simply connect this system without having to question everything else again.”

Thomas Wisgalla, IT Manager at HL komm


With product packages developed specifically for private customers, HL komm's retail business is growing. This growth is to be handled using automatic order handling processes:

  • Continuous communication without media discontinuity, avoidance of manual intermediate steps like e-mail or personal consultations
  • Retention and integration of existing systems


After thoroughly analyzing the existing processes for potential for optimization, the porting data exchange was the first sub-project implemented using inubit BPM:

  • Automation of the business-critical “porting data exchange” process between HL komm, resellers and Deutsche Telekom
  • Replacement of previous fax communication system, exchange of porting data using the X.400 interface provided by Telekom
  • Integration of existing systems such as CRM, HL reseller databases, HL billing clients


After just six weeks, the tests with Telekom were completed successfully. To establish effective company-wide BPM and to automate further business processes, the next step was to create a process modeling manual using the modeling component of inubit BPM:

  • All processes relevant for IT and ESB were recorded, checked for optimization potential, implemented and permanently monitored for ongoing adjustment
  • Portal set up for easy and automated communication with partners and suppliers, replaced data exchange via e-mail and CD, integrated systems and interfaces provided by suppliers
  • Automated internal communication processes via a process portal