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Jörg Uhlenbrock - Others

Dr. Jörg Uhlenbrock
Senior Sales Executive
Phone +49 30 726112-246

When processes gain momentum


Optimizing operations in railway communications

“Approximately 70% of the orders and mutations are now processed fully automatically to a degree of 90%. In addition, all processes are now documented. We can use this basis to continuously optimize our business processes.”

Urs Fankhauser, project manager SBB Telekom


SBB Telecom required a solution that could handle the rising order quantities in the area of railway communications while maintaining the necessary quality and service times and using existing resources:

  • Standardization and modeling of the processes – from ordering through to invoicing in the GSM-Rail and GSM-Public areas.
  • Automation without media discontinuity using workflows as well as reducing manual entries
  • Integration of existing system for better communications between SBB employees, customers from franchised transport companies, the Business Mobile and GSM-Rail areas as well as the provider.


To achieve the aim of more efficient processes, the different procedures were first extensively analyzed, standardized and documented in workshops

  • Iterative procedure with user and system tests to check whether all requirements have been met and whether the solution is suited to current needs.
  • Fallback scenario to enable a clean migration procedure and to avoid data losses.
  • Integration of the existing systems such as the company-internal ordering application, the database and the LDAP protocol.
  • Creation of a web-based graphical user interfaces (GUIs) for end-to-end process monitoring from the order through to delivery.


The introduction of inubit as a process platform eliminated all cases of media discontinuity and processes could be largely automated by the tool:

  • Approximately 70% of the orders and mutations are now processed fully automatically to a degree of 90%.
  • The service quality has been considerably improved and error sources largely eliminated.
  • Comprehensive documentation makes processes reproducible and transparent.