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Fanny Schubert
Analyst & Partner Relations
Phone +49 30 726112-423

Axia Value Chain

Axia Value Chain

Axia Value Chain consulting specializes in defining processes related to the value chain of large corporations. The company uses inubit BPM to optimize, define and manage its reference processes. This enables the leading consulting company to optimize the critical and complex processes used by its customers.


The company, which previously documented processes using Aris (IDS Scheer) and Visio (Microsoft), decided to switch over to inubit BPM for the following reasons:

  • A platform that supports market standards (e.g. BPMN 2.0).
  • A user-friendly tool that enables use in projects as well as support for consultants working on the customer’s site without requiring “specialist” involvement.
  • A structured repository for managing, optimizing and defining the reference processes according to a standardized procedure.
  • A tool with a scalable platform for archiving and processing previously used processes.
  • An integrated tool for simulating processes in order to analyze alternatives and effects on customer operations.

In addition, using inubit BPM makes it possible for Axia customers to completely automate the optimized and modeled processes and integrate them into the system.


The adaptive design of the inubit software allows a simple, fast, and cost-effective integration of heterogeneous IT systems. The product already offers a multitude of system connectors and format adapters:

  • Operation of inubit BPM and the portal component built on this as Java application in a J2EE application server
  • Connection of heterogenous IT systems via i.e. EDIFACT, XML, xCBL, openTRANS
  • Connection of the online shop to the ERP system via XML interface

Results Achieved

The entire e-Business solution could be implemented within eight weeks, return on investment for the project was achieved in a few months:

  • Set-up of an internet-portal with the portal solution based on inubit BPM that presently offers 120,000 articles as a multi-supplier catalog
  • Display of ERP prices individual to customers, real-time availability check of articles
  • Synchronous data exchange between the portal and the ERP system
  • Order processing without multiple input and change of media
  • Stepwise completion of the system by connecting external service providers (e.g. payment) and mobile devices of staff members