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The solution for automated processes in smart metering point operations.
Rollout Process Manager

Process automation for rollout and metering point operations

You can comply with price ceilings and and increase competitiveness of your metering point operations.

Why use the Rollout Process Manager for your metering point operations?

Our solution automates and transforms your metering point operations from conventional to smart.

Reduction of operating costs

Comprehensive automation of processes will reduce the costs of your metering point operations, allowing you to comply with price ceilings – or even come in below them.

Boost your competitiveness

Lean processes and optimum use of resources will help you to succeed as a competitive metering point operator.

Increased added value

Develop business models and services that will tap new opportunities for additional profitability for your metering point operations.

"With the Rollout Process Manager, we've automated our metering operations and increased our efficiency substantially. Complemented by master data management and market communications from Bosch, we’ll create a completely modular metering solution.”
Dr. Manfred Burke, Head of Metering, EWE NETZ GmbH

Experience the smart metering point operator (GERMAN)

How can you comply with price ceilings and remain competitive?

The introducion and operation of smart metering infrastructures pose large challenges for metering point operators.

Lifecycle in metering operations Icon lens

You can automate all processes in the life cycle of metering systems by

  • automating processes wherever possible
  • reducing complexity and costs
  • profiting from easy operation
  • becoming more competitive
  • laying the foundation for value-added services.

As an ideal solution for smart metering point operations, the Rollout Process Manager allows you to automate and orchestrate all of your processes, in turn providing a basis for you to create value.

Planning lays the foundations for added value

Optimize procurement.

You can simulate various rollout scenarios using the Rollout Process Manager. It doesn’t matter if your rollout is to be progressive, linear, or degressive: you can use the Rollout Process Manager to determine the quantity structures necessary for hardware and services over a specific time period.

Further details can be found in the brochure
Planning a rollout in metering point operations Icon lens
Planning with the Rollout Process Manager (German only)

Reduce your largest cost driver

Automated processes for installation and commissioning are essential.

Built-in components, conversions, and the commissioning of metering infrastructures are the most important cost drivers in metering point operations – during not only rollout but also regular operation. It is therefore important that installation technicians can complete these tasks properly and as quickly as possible. Good planning and management will help you avoid the costs incurred by repeat service trips and other services.

In turn, you reduce costs and create new opportunities for adding value.

Automated rollout processes in metering point operations (German only) Icon lens
Job management with the Rollout Process Manager

Monitoring, analysis, and reporting at the click of a button

Dashboards help you maintain an overview of the rollout.

You can continuously monitor whether your metering processes are running smoothly and on schedule. You have many dashboards for target / actual comparisons, the performance of service providers, and order processing, to name but a few examples. And all it takes is the click of a button.

Rollout monitoring Icon lens
Monitoring of rollout progress (German only)