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Geo IoT: solutions for geolocation services
Intelligent geolocation of assets

Geo IoT: solutions for geolocation services in the IoT

Our Geo IoT solutions are your key to finding mobile assets more quickly and managing them more easily, as well as to offering entirely new services.
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How Geo IoT generates geolocation data of mobile assets in real time

The geolocation and tracking of mobile assets in the Internet of Things (IoT) creates added value for manufacturers and users alike.

It is common practice in freight forwarding and industry to monitor the flow of materials and to track assets. This is typically done by using barcode and RFID technologies. But Geo IoT solutions go beyond simply providing location data and report transport conditions in real time as well. You can also track how and where your assets are being used – and respond accordingly.

Regardless of whether you use GPS, Bluetooth, WLAN, a cellular network, or some other geolocation technology, our Geo IoT solutions offer various opportunities for developing new services based on geolocation information.

Inside Geo IoT: Intelligent geolocation

From ideas to new solutions for your Geo IoT project

We have summarized for you all key considerations of starting a joint Geo IoT project.

Evaluation of the Geo IoT use case
With your help, we can select a use case and develop it further. Upon request, we can also help you choose a geolocation technology. Afterwards, we will prepare a proof of concept (PoC) to assess implementation.

Implementation and configuration
Upon request, we will create a minimum viable product (MVP) to test the solution and gather initial feedback from the market. The Geo IoT solution will subsequently be implemented based on the Bosch IoT Cloud.

Support and further development
We will gladly host your service in our Bosch infrastructure. By opting for this SaaS, you can reduce your capital expenditures and allocation of resources for hardware, software, maintenance, data security, and certificate management.
If you so wish, we can also help you continually refine your Geo IoT solution.

Geo IoT: practical examples for various industries

Geo IoT makes geolocation and use more transparent. It also facilitates better maintenance and new services in many different industries.

Retail: Retail stores are suited for various Geo IoT use cases. If shopping carts are pinpointed and tracked, for instance, then it becomes possible to analyze how long customers spend in a store and where they walk within the store. This data can then be used to optimize the arrangement of products.

Ground support: Aircraft are serviced and maintained under tight deadlines. But Geo IoT can pinpoint pieces of ground support equipment (GSE), which helps users be more organized and obtain data on the status of equipment. This consequently accelerates maintenance tasks and improves production quality. Moreover, a geo-fence can be used to make sure that equipment near an airplane remains within a specified perimeter.

Hospitals: Geo IoT solutions can make it easier to locate and organize equipment in hospitals, thus improving the planning and utilization of on-site resources. Usage data can be used to better organize maintenance processes. In addition, it is possible to determine what room a patient is in and what procedure they are undergoing at any given time. This ensures that treatment is efficient and uninterrupted.

Agriculture and forestry: Geo IoT solutions help agriculturalists locate tractors, regardless of manufacturer. They can accordingly determine how tractors have been used and how much distance they have covered. In addition, foresters can pinpoint and track stacks of timber and forestry tools. This is especially important on account of the increasing frequency of timber theft.

What are the differences between conventional asset tracking and Geo IoT? A power tool provides clear answers. Icon lens
What are the differences between asset tracking and Geo IoT? A power tool provides clear answers.