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Putting Geo IoT into practice

Learn more about specific use cases and the opportunities that Geo IoT solutions offer.
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Generating new services with localization data

Critical and expensive hospital equipment that is available more quickly, enhancement of the shopping experience in the retail sector, or organizing tool materials – these are just three possible examples in which geolocation information can generate added value for manufacturers and users alike.

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How we support you with your Geo IoT project

Learn more about Geo IoT solutions such as visitor management in commercial buildings.
Learn more about Geo IoT solutions such as visitor management in commercial buildings.

Which industries stand to truly benefit from Geo IoT solutions? Which localization technology is best suited for my use case? What are the pros and cons of the various technologies? What savings potential does Geo IoT offer for my use case? These are the kinds of questions confronting our customers in Geo IoT projects. That’s why we offer you a process for your Geo IoT project that creates transparency. We work with you to successfully implement geolocation solutions specific to your industry. You have our support throughout the entire process: developing your own unique use cases and selecting the localization technology as well as implementing the project and the subsequent rollout.

In this webcast, we present use cases from various industries; outline the pros and cons of localization technologies such as GPS, Bluetooth, mobile communications, and Wi-Fi; and share examples of practical application from projects that have already been implemented.

In our free webcast, you will learn how to generate genuine added value by connecting the IoT and geolocation information.

You will find out:

  • How you can generate added value and tap synergies by combining localization technology and the IoT
  • How Geo IoT enables new services and solutions in a wide variety of industries
  • What advantages and disadvantages localization technologies offer
  • Geo IoT in practice: Lessons learned from IoT projects


Johanna Konrad-Mausser
Product Manager, Bosch Software Innovations

Jan Weigel
Senior Sales Manager, Bosch Software Innovations