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Enabling Intelligent Decisions in the Internet of Things

IoT Whitepaper Series

Enabling Intelligent Decisions -
IoT and Business Rules

  • The role of Business Rules Management in connected solutions
  • How to apply business rules and logic to data in the IoT
  • Use cases about how organizations improved processing of machine and vehicle data

Enabling Intelligent Decisions in the Internet of Things


In the majority of IoT applications the data collected is typically utilized to support one defined business case. Extending access to data to business stakeholders across the enterprise allows organizations to derive intelligent decisions and improve business processes. If an organization is connecting its assets and harnessing resulting data, numerous opportunities exist to leverage this data in multiple areas of the business without a significant investment in technology.

IoT and Business Rules

Enabling Intelligent Decisions in the IoT

IoT and Business Rules


Driving the Internet of Things with Business Rules


In the Internet of Things, decisions are becoming more and more complex due to heterogeneous environments. It is critical to connect multiple systems and respective business stakeholders and allow them to access and quickly interpret data – at every level of an organization. Read in this white paper how IoT technologies, and specifically software for the management of business rules, allow business users to add logic to IoT data without any involvement from IT.

Use Cases

Read how an agriculture equipment manufacturer and a fleet service company drastically changed the way they process machine and device data by utilizing powerful Business Rules Management capabilities. Leveraging BRM software, both organizations can now utilize relevant data rapidly and effectively drive business opportunities.


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