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Harnessing the Power of the Internet of Things – The IoT for the Extended Enterprise

IoT Whitepaper Series

Harnessing the Power of the IoT for the Extended Enterprise

  • The importance of sharing data across the extended enterprise
  • Key considerations when choosing an IoT software provider
  • A real-world example about a data-driven improvement process

The Power of the Internet of Things for the Extended Enterprise


The amount of data available to the enterprise has exploded and will increase even further in the next years. It’s not a matter of if organizations will be transformed by the IoT, but a matter of when. Those businesses differentiating themselves now through innovative IoT applications will have a significant advantage over their competitors.

The IoT for the Extended Enterprise

Harnessing the Power of the IoT for the Extended Enterprise


Becoming an Extended Enterprise


Most organizations today strive to become an extended enterprise. Those enterprises maximize the business benefits of digital and automation initiatives throughout the organization.

These can range from enterprise focus to marketing and customer-focused efforts.

Webcast IoT for the Extended Enterprise

Webcast: IoT for the Extended Enterprise


Considerations Before Starting an IoT Deployment

It is important to select an IoT platform that is functionally robust, able to connect devices, integrate multiple IT systems or services, and can share and process data effectively. It is also imperative that the software features a visually appealing interface that is simple yet sophisticated and highly intuitive.


Multi-Dimensional Approach for IoT Solutions

To transform companies to an extended enterprise, it is imperative to select a holistic technology approach including relevant product engineering expertise. Bosch Software Innovations and Innova, an electronic vehicle manufacturer, created a data-driven improvement process that allowed the company to capture feedback from users and third parties for optimized product improvement.

IoT for the Extended Enterprise

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