What is the Internet of Things?

  • Infographic
    Business models

    Existing business models are at stake

    The internet has transformed retailing, the communications business, the media landscape, and the music industry. Some major players were caught unawares by digitization and new technological developments – and consequently disappeared from the scene. For entrepreneurs, the “wait and see” approach is no longer an option.

  • Capitalizing on the Internet of Things
    IoT strategy

    Capitalizing on the Internet of Things

    How is your company faring in a connected world? See our strategy white paper for the latest market data, and use the assessment tool to quickly determine how innovative your business model is.

  • Green bananas and the IoT
    Blog post

    Green bananas and the IoT

    Customers who buy a connected product benefit from any future refinements to that product. What is true of smartphones and computers today will one day apply to cars, heating systems, and watches, too: Just like green bananas, they ripen after delivery.

  • Why competitors are connecting in coral reefs

    Why competitors are connecting in coral reefs

    Partnerships, open innovation, consortia, ecosystems – these terms crop up frequently when talking about the Internet of Things. What ever happened to good old competition?

  • 5 lessons start-ups

    5 lessons start-ups have for the “old economy” IoT entrepreneur

    Neither major corporations nor start-ups alone have everything they need to seize the exciting opportunities offered by the IoT. We need the best of both worlds. What advice or lessons learned do you want to share with an “old economy” IoT entrepreneur?

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IoT Tool Kit

For more information on the IoT, please check out the Resource Kit provided by Postscapes.

The Internet of Things

After file sharing, e-commerce, and social media, the next generation of the internet is connecting things and devices: the Internet of Things (IoT). These devices range from sensors and security cameras to vehicles and production machines – we expect that there will be 14 billion connected devices by 2022.

Connecting devices results in data that open up new insights, business models, and revenue streams. The insights gained from this data in turn give rise to new services that can complement the conventional product business.

IoT benefits

The connected world will impact consumers and the business world alike. For instance, it changes how customers and companies come together. Instead of just meeting at the point of sale, the relationship becomes a continuous interaction, which lasts as long as the customer keeps using a product and the corresponding services.

Private users of connected devices will see the new services enriching their relationship to the products, providing higher quality of life, comfort, security, and fun. Corporate users of these services will benefit from efficiency gains, cost savings, and better allocation of resources.


M2M vs. Internet of Things

M2M (Machine-to-Machine) focuses on connections to devices. It captures data at end points and transmits it across local and wide-area networks to generate specific alerts or actions. IoT includes the attributes of M2M, however, significant additional value is created by the interconnection of things, users, enterprises and partners.


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